Benefits of appearing in class 8 maths Olympiad

by Lalithaa


The Olympiad is a competitive examination that’s conducted by national or international institutions to support and aid pupils in increasing their competency as well as proficiency in their chosen subjects. These exams are commonly held annually but many Olympiads are held monthly too.

Altogether, the Olympiad exams are a great way to get a good idea of how students are doing in their studies. In the past, exams have mostly been written, but now various types of Olympiads can help with preparation for university-level competitions. These competitions give students the chance to work with each other and experience what it feels like to be on an exam team. Students need to start preparing now because the chances of success in these competitions are much higher than in typical exams.

This article will cover some benefits of giving the Olympiad exams and reasons why students should opt to give these competitive exams in grade 8th.

8 benefits of appearing in class 8th maths Olympiad

Enhances talent

Firstly, as students grow in age, they discover their true talents. However, to further develop these talents, pupils need to assess the level of their skills to improve them. These Olympiad exams help in doing just that, students get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Mathematics is a subject that requires advanced problem solving and logical reasoning skills and to achieve this Olympiad exams are the most suitable for students. Moreover, students can progress their abilities fruitfully and positively. To put it simply, Olympiad exams encourage students to leave their comfort zones and explore a different perception of learning.

Gives confidence to students

Students need to have the confidence to face exams and other academic challenges. Building confidence is not just limited to succeeding academically but is key to shaping a strong personality, especially at a younger age. Also, pupils often face difficulties in mathematics as students get nervous while solving math problems. So the Olympiad is a good practice exam out there for students to get rid of this fear and confidently appear in math papers. Also, participation in extracurricular activities enables students to score well in prospective exams and learn constructively.

Boosts learning abilities

Math Olympiad exams enhance the aptitude of students. Besides increasing their competitive spirit, students get encouraged to become more creative. With 8th Grade being a progressive year, Olympiad exams help students to not just be limited to the knowledge that is simply book based but rather cultivate analytical and logical thinking. Students need to acquire these skills to answer various mathematical problems and it’s an efficient mode to practice.

Helps to develop important skills

Having certain important skills in the initial stages assists in the development of a student. The Math Olympiad helps students acquire skill sets such as problem-solving, brainstorming as well as reasoning ability. Students also learn to tackle complex questions, become aware of time-bound exams and also enhance their IQ. If pupils grasp these significant skills at an early age, such students can very easily appear on any exams without any pressure.

Motivates for self-learning

Students familiarise themselves with their strengths and weaknesses through Math Olympiad exams. Olympiads give students insights into competitive exams. Students learn from their experiences. If a student has scored less, they would be motivated to work towards that area and be more hardworking. While if a student has an impressive performance, they would be satisfied with the results and strive towards excellence. Pupils need to also opt for self-learning since the pandemic has taught the world to be independent.

Improved class performance

Adequate knowledge of concepts is the key to success in these exams. However, the concepts learned can be forgotten easily and this happens in most classrooms as students get promoted to higher classes they often don’t remember the previous chapters. Hence, pupils need to relearn those topics to understand them better and it’s time consuming whereas students that appear for the Olympiad exams retain their knowledge. Moreover, pupils need to develop crucial skills to solve papers and thus attempting to solve SOF IMO Question Papers Class 8 is essential.


Gains extra knowledge

Another quite crucial benefit of giving the Olympiad exams is that students gain extra useful knowledge by solving questions that are typically not asked in the normal class exams. Similarly, grade 8th pupils get an upper hand during their final exams as they have more experience and knowledge of answering papers. Therefore, students that appear for the Olympiad exams also ace their academics since both require a good and clear understanding of concepts.

Explore their interests

Apart from that, students that have appeared for the Olympiad exams get a good understanding of their interests. This is highly important since in the higher classes students are made to choose subjects they wish to learn and drop the rest. Generally, pupils do not think much over making hasty decisions which they regret later on. Pupils must not get confused with which subject or stream they would like to make a career in. Therefore, Olympiads are an effective way for pupils to determine their interests and have a clear mindset of what they would like to pursue in higher education.


Overall, appearing for the Olympiad competitive exams have several benefits that aid students in their academic quotient and also enhance their skills. Grade 8th is also known as the foundational standard where students are made to learn a lot of fundamental concepts that are in further detail in higher classes. By enrolling for the Olympiad exams, grade 8th pupils can strengthen their knowledge of their current grade and even experience how to perform in such competitive exams. As a student, today they need to possess not just one exemplary skill but many since there is a huge demand for candidates and pupils that are capable of doing multiple tasks efficiently. To achieve this, students must encourage themselves by appearing for the Olympiad examinations on a national or international level to get a good base for their future.



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