How to Add an Audio Waveform To Your Videos Fast and Easy

by Lalithaa

A waveform is an audiogram or animated audio spectrum that changes with the beat and rhythm of music or video.

With the addition of audio waveforms, you can create a more interactive and engaging experience for viewers. You can also use this tool to add interest to your music videos or podcasts.

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about some of the best online audio waveform generators you can use to create an audio effect in your videos. You do not need to have a plug-in to use these generators.

What Exactly is a Waveform?

In addition to music videos and podcasts, you might also have seen them in various audio engineering programs and lyric videos.

An audio waveform, a simple graph of an audio file’s amplitude and frequency, makes the content more enticing to viewers and listeners. It can be an excellent way to enhance a video’s audio quality and look cool.

How To Add an Audio Waveform to Videos

The audio waveform generator can add a wide variety of sound waves to your videos and can be used with different styles and themes. Here’s what more you can do:

  • You can share your videos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • You can additionally choose the audio frequency you want to use, automatically creating an animated sound wave based on that frequency.

Add Audio Waveform Using Flexclip

The FlexClip audio maker is a tool that allows music artists, YouTube content creators, and podcasters to customize their audio clips. You can use it for various audio formats, such as music videos and podcast trailers.

You can also use Flexclip’s fully-designed, customizable music video and podcast templates for creating compelling videos, helping you save time and effort.

With FlexClip, you can access various user-friendly tools to create professional-quality videos. These include image background removers, crop tools, filters, and text/graphics animations.

To customize a video template:

  • Select it and click the Customize button.
  • Upload your files to Flexclip using your phone or PC.

You can drag and drop images and videos to replace them with yours. You can also split and rearrange photos and clips on the intuitive timeline.

To add an audio wave to a video:

  • Go to the Elements tab.
  • Type “audio wave” or “music” in the search bar.
  • Then, select the appropriate audio waveform.

Also, you can customize its appearance and opacity. You can customize text animations, colors, styles, duration, and more. You can add more decorative elements through the Elements tab, such as sound effects and liquid transitions. You’re free to explore the program.

After you have finished editing the video, you can download it to your computer or share it to YouTube, Google Drive, or your preferred storage platform. A link and an embed code can also be used for blogging or repurposing.

Add Audio Waveform to Your Video Using Kapwing

Scrolling through YouTube or TikTok, you might come across a story time, a podcast, or a lyrics video wherein you can see the audio waves being talked about or played. These sound waves are referred to as “waveforms,” and they can add a professional touch to your content.

People tend to like having visual stimulation when they are watching something. By adding waveforms to your projects, your audience will be able to continue engaging with the video.

Although adding audio waveforms to videos may seem daunting, Kapwing Pro makes it easy. It is a powerful editor that can add them to your videos in just a couple of clicks.

  • To add a certain video or audio file to your project, go to the “Elements” menu and select “Waveform” from the drop-down list.
  • You can then choose the style and format of the audio file you want to use as your waveform.
  • After you have added it, you can customize its size, color, and position. In addition to audio waveforms, Kapwing Pro lets you add text, transitions, and subtitles.

Final Thoughts

Audio waveform generators allow you to create various audio features for your videos, whether you are new to video editing or have some experience. They are easy to use, and you can start experimenting immediately.

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