Top Reasons Why Laminated Mailer Is Common In the USA

by Lalithaa

Laminating is a great way to protect valuable items and artwork. It is a quick and inexpensive process that can be done at home or at a local office. In addition, you can save money by laminating multiple items at a time. It is also an excellent option for schools and offices, where various things must be protected.


One of the key reasons for investing in laminated mailers is the increased durability of printed documents. The protection from sunlight and weather is particularly beneficial for outdoor applications. In addition, the laminated film will not interfere with the printing process, and it is unlikely that the film’s properties will damage any informational content.

Laminated mailers are an excellent choice for direct mail marketing. They are durable and can be customized to meet your business needs. They are also an excellent option for menus, store openings, coupons, and promotional materials. They also work well in inclement weather.

Labor Cost Savings

A laminated mailer is a popular type of postal service in the USA. This mailer is typically made of synthetic paper, which looks and feels like paper. It is made of resin and plastics and has several advantages over traditional paper stocks. It is water and weatherproof and is often considered a more professional-looking paper.


There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of a laminated mailer. First, it’s essential to understand the process of lamination. A thin plastic film is applied to a print to improve its appearance and protect the ink from damage. Lamination also minimizes the appearance of small creases and cracks. The process costs $1-$3 per square foot and can be done at a FedEx Office or UPS store.

Another benefit of a laminated mailer is that it’s more personalized than a standard paper option. You can print customer information directly onto the laminated mailer, including a link to your website. This type of personalization can improve response rates. For example, laminated mailers can be used to distribute coupons, which shows your willingness to help consumers save money.


Lamination is an effective way to protect printed items from damage. This process bonds a layer of clear plastic to the printed object, protecting it from external threats. It is also helpful for protecting printed safety and operating instructions or tags meant to be reusable. It will cover the material from dirt and moisture and make it stronger and more rigid.

Mailers come in a variety of materials designed for a specific purpose. Some are water-resistant, while others are designed for outdoor use. Whether used for mail or shipping, a laminated mailer is an excellent way to protect fragile items.


Laminated mailers are a great option to make your direct marketing campaign stand out among competitors. Studies show that laminated mailers can increase response rates by 50 to 75%. In addition, studies have shown that consumers who receive direct mail from a business will purchase more items and spend more money than those who do not receive them.

These mailers can also be customized to include unique elements. For instance, if you promote a car dealership, you can add an automotive BDC phone number, sweepstakes for prize insurance, or even a personalized micro-website (PURL). You can find laminated mailer templates online. Once you approve the design, you can have your mailers shipped to you in 24 to 48 hours.

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