Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? 6 Tips For Your First Year As a Digital Nomad

by Lalithaa

The nomadic life is nothing new. Early humans lived a nomadic existence traveling from place to place in search of food and water, and in the last ten years, there has been a resurgence of this ancient lifestyle. In the twenty-first century, digital nomads are a new generation of people traveling rather than putting down solid roots. 


Digital nomadism is when workers use technology to support location-independent remote work. These individuals typically connect to Wifi at cafes, coffee shops, or co-working spaces anywhere in the world. If you’re new to the lifestyle and about to jet off on your first year as a digital nomad, a few considerations will help you once you’re on the road.

This lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea

Spending your life traveling around the world sounds like a dream for many people. But the reality isn’t nearly glamorous for some. Distance from friends and family and the lack of a permanent home can make it difficult. For those who can make it work, the life of a digital nomad offers a rich opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures. If it’s not for you, try not to beat yourself up about it. You can still work and travel without living on the open road. 

Don’t be afraid to explore

Arriving in a foreign land where you may or may not speak the local language can be intimidating for just about anybody. It can be tempting to confine yourself to your room, using only a window to view and experience your new surroundings.


Loneliness and social seclusion are the most significant disadvantages of the digital nomad lifestyle. Force yourself to get out there and slowly get to know those around you. Co-working spaces can offer needed social contact, which increases your efficiency and mental health.

Working with different timezones can be a nightmare

There are twenty-four time zones throughout the world, and as a digital nomad, you could be subject to working with others in several different zones each day. It can be a challenge to keep things straight.


Communicating through email as much as possible can help keep things running smoothly. And for those times when a virtual meeting is an absolute necessity, sending a calendar invite to the other parties will ensure that you are all on the same page.

Be patient with yourself

Be patient. Difficulty finding stability and lack of daily routine can cause stress and frustration early on in your digital nomad journey. Give yourself time and the freedom to adjust to your new surroundings and your new lifestyle.

Get to know other digital nomads

A strong community support network is an essential facet of nearly every part of a healthy life. Social interaction brightens your mood and provides a sense of belonging and safety. Getting to know others in your position can pay off in tangible ways for your mental health.

Embrace your new outlook on life

Making friends outside of your culture and comfort zone fosters growth and can give you a whole new perspective on the world. Immersing yourself in other cultures helps you see that humans have more similarities than differences.

Wrap up

Becoming a digital nomad will be a life-changing experience that will cause you to see the world and your place differently. It will have its ups and downs, but if you stay the course, you can find an enriching lifestyle that few will get to experience. 


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