Right Metals for Welding

by Lalithaa

You are brand new to welding and are excited to get started. You have dozens of ideas but are unsure which material to start with. Different metals will work best in different application and finding the right one for your project is simple. Here are a few welding metals and their benefits. Get out your washington alloy welding supplies and prepare to work.

Right Metals for Welding


Aluminum is a popular material to weld with because it is easy to work with. It needs to be clean of any impurities so that the weld will take and its level of difficulty depends on the grade of metal you have selected. Some might need filler material so that the metal melts then adheres properly.


Low carbon steel is the easiest material to use so it might be your best option for your projects. The low carbon makes it simple to manipulate and works best for spot welding. For high carbon metals, you will need to add another element to the weld or it might crack when it hardens. Austenitic and Ferritic stainless steel can be welded but it is difficult and must be done under high heat. You will want to avoid martensitic stainless steel because it is too hard to weld properly.

Copper Alloy

If you are looking for an interesting color on your creation, you might consider using copper. It easily attaches to zinc and tin but you must be careful with the heat of the arc welder. The metal becomes fluid when warmed up so keeping it and whatever you wish to attach it to flat as you weld is advisable. Whatever metal you choose to work with, remember to wear your protective gear such as a helmet, leather gloves and clothing that covers your skin. Taking the right precautions will keep you safe while you have fun working with the welder.

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