Air Filter Maintenance: Benefits of Changing Your Air Filters Regularly

by Lalithaa

When was the last time you changed your home’s HVAC air filter? Probably, you do not even remember the last time. Home comfort is usually influenced by the small things that make a significant difference. Changing your air filters at least every 3 months during off-peak times and every month during the heavy season is advisable.     

Changing your filters frequently keeps debris and excessive dirt from building up in your lungs and HVAC systems. Indoor air pollution can cause air quality issues, affecting the AC system. This could lead to system failures and expensive repairs. 

Problems Caused by Dirty Air Filters

Besides keeping indoor air safe, air filters in your AC system prevent debris and dust from accessing the air handler and duct system. If your air filter is clogged with dirt, it will experience restricted airflow through the system. Check out the problems you will likely experience from clogged and dirty filters.

  • Reduced Comfort

A clogged air filter will interfere with the airflow moving through the HVAC system. Therefore, this will result in longer wait times and discomfort as less conditioned air is allowed through your vents. 

  • Increased Energy Bills

Clogged air filters will mean your air conditioning system must work harder to cool your home. Therefore, this means that a lot of energy will be needed for the system’s extra work, leading to increased energy bills. If you notice a sudden increase in energy bills without a corresponding usage increase, you should consider changing your air filters. 

  • Fan Motor

The fan motor turns the blades allowing air through the home system. A clogged air filter will require the fan motor to work harder, thus straining it. This strain could lead to its breakdown, which can be expensive to resolve. 

Benefits of Changing Your Air Filters Regularly

Reduced Repairs

Clogged air filters in the furnace or AC system can lead to restricted airflow, overheating or dirt in the entire system. As a result, you will need more frequent parts, services and repairs. Clean air filters guarantee a reliable, cost-effective and clean HVAC system. You can check out 16x20x1 furnace filters here. 

Longer System Lifespan

Overlooking professional AC systems’ maintenance can significantly reduce the lifespan of your system. Maintaining your AC system regularly and changing the air filters guarantee an extended system lifespan. It can even go beyond what the manufacturer claims. 

Saves on Energy

Changing your system’s air filters saves the system from working harder. Clogged air filters interfere with the airflow in the system, causing the system to consume more energy to deliver good results. As a result, a lot of energy will be wasted, which will be reflected in the utility bill. According to the U.S Department of Energy, you can save up to 15% on your energy bill by utilizing clean air filters. 

Improved Quality of Indoor Air

During winter, you will spend most of your time indoors. Therefore, it is crucial you ensure the air inside your room is safe. Frequent air filter replacements and system maintenance will ensure you always get quality indoor air. 

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