Celebrate Your Graduate With a Wonderful Party

by Lalithaa

There are many reasons for celebrating your high school graduate. You and your child have worked your way through years of ups and downs, and now they are venturing out into the world to find their own path. Show them how proud you are with a wonderful party that they will remember forever.

Use Photos

Use a mix of professional photos and family snapshots to create an interesting theme. Use some of their senior pictures on the invitations to get things started. Hang framed pictures, especially if you have one of those school days photo mats with all of their school pictures in it. Create either a portfolio, photo board, or hang pictures from a mini clothesline as well. You can even frame a small wallet size picture of them in their cap and gown to place next to the cake.

Have Entertainment

Every party needs entertainment to keep people interested and to encourage them to mingle. Good old fashioned lawn games are always a hit. A new trend that people of all ages enjoy is a photo booth. Set up an area with a background and plenty of props where guests and the graduate can pose for funny pics. You could even hire a local band or DJ.

Serve Well Loved Foods

If you have an event planner fairfield ct residents can rely on, they will help you select just the right foods. If you are doing it on your own, consider the time of day. Mid-afternoon parties or late evening events can be done with a variety of appetizers, but parties held during the lunch or dinner hours should provide a full meal.

This party will be something they remember for the rest of their lives. Make it as special as they are by incorporating details that will set their celebration apart from all others. You will be closing one chapter with style while opening the next with a sense of excitement they’ll treasure.

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