Places to purchase Villas in Damac Hills – An Area Guide

by Lalithaa

It is no longer surprising that Damac Hills is one of the best parts of Dubai to own real estate. People often look for property to buy in Damac Hills. You can find any type of real estate, on the Damac Hills. More so, villas, are available in variety – be it the extremely gradeur and costly ones or the affordable and average standard, whatever it is you are looking for, you can find it here. Therefore, investors and private owners are always at alert for opportunities to purchase real estate in the Damac Hills. For the purpose of this article, emphasis will be placed on villas.

What is it like to live in Damac Hills?

According to a tourist interviewed for the ax capital website, it is quite fun to reside there. There are fun spots to chill and hang out with friends. There are also well-rated hotels for tourists and impressive evening air.
Other pros of living in Damac Hills include the availability of amenities, such as ease of transportation, access to malls and stores, schools for children, and relaxation spots. The cons include the high cost of living on the Hills and the cost of rentals on the higher side (If you intend to purchase and rent it out, the increment in rents may not be an issue).

Why are Villas in Hot Demand in the United Arab Emirates? 

As an investor hoping to reap some profit from the market, you may sometimes wonder why Villas are in hot demand in Dubai. Not only is it more expensive, it is often highly priced yet people order for more every blessed day. During holidays and annual religious free days, you see that Villas may even be out of stock/ unavailable. Some people ask why this is so. The reason is not far-fetched. People often visit Dubai to have a nice time/ their best time. So, they often don’t care about how much it costs. Provided they can afford it, they are likely to go for it. Meanwhile, villas come with a measure of privacy and epic relaxation. If you can afford a villa, there is every likelihood that you would want a bedroom apartment instead.

Where you can See Villas on the Damac Hills 

  1. The Dubai Hills Estate
    Do you want the comfort of luxury villa accommodations? Are you hoping to find one of such amazing comfort on the Hills? You do not have too search too long as there are many options to choose from on the Damac Hills. For example, please check out the Dubai Hills Estate set of villas. Due to the tremendous good works done here, the remarkable Dubai Hills Estate never lacks for visitors and locals at all times. It is voted as the best location to get a Villa apartment on the Hills. It is home to various personal and public rentals that can be utilized for family vacationing and weekend getaways. Villas in Damac Hills are in diverse classes ranging from the very expensive and luxurious sets to an ordinary three-bedroom villa for events (for example, some villas may even run up to 50 Million AED for purchase while others may be available for rentals).
  2. The Brookfield
    Next on the countdown of dope places to obtain Villas and similar buildings for purchase in Damac Hills is the Brookfield. The constructor  promotes many villas on the internet, social handles, and adverts. A villa for sale in this location may cost as low as 12 million AED (this is low compared to the prices of other villa options on the Hills. The Brookfield is an amazing place to relax and unwind for bridal showers, couples getaways, and some family time.
  3. Cavalli Estate
    Lastly, it is pertinent to mention the Cavelli Estate options. Classic, grandeur, state of the art, and designed for premium satisfaction. Advisable for all forms of relaxation and open for rentals and sales likewise.


There are some other famous locations for villas in the Damac Hills. For example, you can check out Belair, the Trump Estate, Whitefield and Picaddily Green, and Silver Springs, the Field, etc. Villas in these places often contain six rooms. For more insights, read more on the official website

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