Inzfy: How to Make Shoppable Reels on Instagram?  

by Lalithaa

Instagram Reels is one of the most welcomed features among application users. People are actively creating Reels with fresh and unique content every day. However, if you have noticed while scrolling through the feeds, you may come across a lot of Reels rather than regular content. 

Because this feature has an increasing engagement rate, e-commerce finds it easy to make it up with Reels. They make their product purchases through Instagram Shoppable Reels. Additionally, Such businesses also buy instagram video views to increase their visibility and profile growth in a matter of minutes. 

With this feature’s help, creators and businesses can now tag up their products and make them shoppable through the Reel itself. Interesting, isn’t it? Want to know how? Then read further to have a clear insight. 

What are Instagram Shoppable Reels? 

Shoppable Reels is where you can see and shop the products inside the Instagram application itself. Then, viewers can simply click on the “View Products” option and place an order, save or learn more about its specifications. 

Adding to this, Instagram has also introduced Branded Content to make them aware that they are in partnership with the brand or a business. This can be the best way to start creating shoppable Reels on Instagram. 

Advantages of Using Shoppable Instagram Reels

  1. i) It increases product discoverability: Reels tagged with product tags will be displayed in the Reels Tab and on your profile. Upon uploading Reels with the product Tags, it can reach millions of users worldwide.
  1. ii) It assists you in collaborating with the creators: Now, you and your creator partner can tag the products in your Reels and share them. By doing this, you can progressively drive your sales for the merchandise. 

iii) It can be used to educate and inspire: As you know that Reels are a short-form video-sharing platform where you can connect with your new and existing followers. Besides, you can use this platform to show your product specifications and demonstrations and use your creativity to engage the users with the brand actively.

How to Set up Shoppable Reels on Instagram?

So far, you have seen the benefits of using these Reels to do shopping. Now let us see how to create a Reel that can be procured. 

  1. First, you need to open the Reels on Instagram.
  2. Create, shoot or upload your previously recorded video from your mobile. 
  3. After this, select the Next option.
  4. Now, you have to choose the cover picture and add a caption.
  5. For this, tap the cover and slide the image.
  6. Then, select Tag Products and pick the products or collections you want to feature in your Reels.
  7. At last, tap Done and share to share your Reel.

Why Should You Use Shoppable Instagram Reels For Your Online Business?

Indulging your sales promotion or advertising through Reels can change the perspective of your brand. With the help of this, you can build a deeper relationship with your customers and followers by building a strong community for your brand. Furthermore, here are some of the reasons to use this feature and the possible outcomes. 

#1 To Develop a Trustworthy Community

For any business or brand to sustain its place in the market, it should have social trust. Your customers want to have an authentic experience before deciding to purchase your products. So making Reels that feature information on how brand shoppers use the product and integrate it with their daily life routine. 

Thus, you can win the hearts and trust of your targeted customers. Similarly, endeavor Inzfy to instantly amplify your visibility and strengthen your profile at an affordable price.

#2 To Upgrade the Shopping Experience

There are vast numbers of people who are shifting to digital shopping, so it is time for you to be unique. Buying a quality product might be an easy process. But making your customer experience them is what makes your approach unique. It should be beyond discovery, search, and buying a brand product. 

So making your Instagram shoppable Reels as a journey for the shoppers will attract more followers. Instead of approaching this as regular promotion content, you are keeping them engaged and entertained. 

#3 To Boast Your Brand Loyalty

Online product selling is all about building, maintaining, and promoting your brand at whatever cost it takes. It is crucial for e-commerce brands to sustain themselves among solid competitive brands. So make sure you are holding on to the audience by making them stay attentive towards your brand. 

For example, you can share your user’s product review and use it as an indirect promotion for your brand. Also, when they notice such content, there might be chances to share content about your brand. In this way, you can build brand loyalty among your viewers. Simultaneously, considering Inzfy will make such Reels reach wider and enhance your brand visibility in a short period. 

#4 To Spare Time in Creating Content

It is always best to work smart rather than to work hard. You can save a lot of time by making Reels as a means for your market. Because you don’t need to spend much time planning a schedule for your photoshoot, searching for models, hiring the best photographers, and so on. 

Moreover, Instagram made it easy to share UGC in your account profile. Sharing UGC content in your profile will significantly help you to turn your viewers into potential customers for your brand. 

#5 To Engage Better With Video Content 

Indeed, Instagram is, first and foremost, a captivating tool to spread your brand awareness and values. If you are an active user, you may have experienced that many people are likely to see brand content videos. 

Brand owners are using this feature effectively to make the viewers understand their brand in a gist. So adding an audio track, text content, high-resolution pictures, remix feature, and so on has an impressive impact on the product. In addition, they can quickly turn on the conversion and engagement rates through the Reels. 

The Bottom Line

As a whole, Instagram has been developing a Reels-first platform. As a result, Instagram Shoppable Reels are emerging as an integral part of today’s and tomorrow’s world. In addition, introducing product tag features and Other related features made it less effort for the marketers to make their merchandise.

Even if you start your business from scratch, Instagram is there to provide you with plenty of opportunities to be flourished. So now it is over to you!

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