How to make the right choice of cryptocurrency trading Bot ?

by Lalithaa

The more active you are in trading cryptocurrencies, the higher your profit will be. But trading on numerous crypto pairs is not so easy, since digital finance is very volatile. Ideally, you need some professional help. Cryptocurrency trading bots by 3Commas are the best possible assistants. The product of a human genius, but grown out of a digital environment, they will help you perfectly in everything related to trading cryptocurrencies.

Which Trading Bot Should You Choose?

Which bot you must prefer depends on the scale of your activity:

  • If you are going to trade only one pair of crypto, then a simple bot will be enough for you. Its task will be to monitor and make purchases/sales for the amount you specified in relation to only one pair
  • But if you are going to perform more complex tasks and trade several pairs of coins at once, then you will have to set up a composite bot. But don’t worry, setting it up is very simple: determine which crypto pairs you are interested in, and it will complete all the tasks without a break for sleep and rest

How Many Trading Bots Exist?

3Commas is ready to offer you different types of bots depending on the goals you set for their work:

  • DCA bots: long for buying crypto and short for selling it
  • Grid bots that monitor the hits of the support and resistance levels
  • Options bots to help you hedge your positions and profit from the high volatility of crypto
  • Futures bots that will work for you on the Futures Exchanges

Once you start working with 3Commas crypto trading bots, you will be amazed at how quickly they organize the optimal trading of crypto pairs. These are not just assistants, they are advanced tools that will not miss a single detail and will not make a single mistake. Your trading activity will immediately come into perfect order and give very profitable results!

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