Five Ways E-commerce Retailers Can Engage Customers By Using SEO on Mobile Devices

by Lalithaa

Five Ways E-commerce Retailers Can Engage Customers By Using SEO on Mobile Devices

Today’s consumers rarely put down their smartphones due to the wide range of activities and apps that the phones offer. As consumers increasingly do their shopping online, e-commerce retailers need to take steps to engage their customers in the same ways that bricks and mortar stores do. These five ways that e-commerce retailers can use SEO and online marketing to engage consumers on mobile devices can help to drive sales in a positive direction.

Let the Customers Choose to Engage

Customers don’t want to be bombarded with little chat windows and pop-ups that ask them if they need help. What customers do want is a smooth browsing experience and transaction. Online marketers should wait until the customer engages with them to initiate a dialogue. During that dialogue, additional information about products and services can be provided, explains this article on Entrepreneur.

By taking this approach and seeing what they respond well to, you can learn some key customer insights, which can help you further enhance their experience. This will be rewarded in time by the Google Search Bots and is one of the benefits that those doing CRO on their website get. Conversion rate optimization involves testing the changes that you make on your website. No matter what action you want your customers to take, whether it is to buy a product or simply sign up for a newsletter, gaining customer insights and seeing when and how they engage should always be a priority. Without it, making positive changes is much harder. If you want to do this successfully, you need to learn these CRO tips and the benefits of doing CRO on your website. Increasing your conversion rate means understanding how it works and learning the tips that make the difference, so don’t wait a moment longer; see how your customers are engaging with you and test your changes. 

The Technology Is Only the Messenger

The technology is only responsible for delivery of the content that the online marketing team and e-commerce retailer create. Nearly any technology can deliver that message and the consumer likely won’t know what type of technology the marketer is using. Instead, online marketers should spend their time focusing on the content of the message. Use of SEO should be done carefully to ensure good page ranking and the embedded links and videos of the content should be tested regularly. E-commerce web masters must work like property managersto ensure that everything is working as it should be.

Let Products Speak for Themselves

Use SEO in the online marketing strategy to focus on the hot products of the season. Create a unique SEO campaign around the items that the customers are most likely to be looking at. By focusing on the best products and services, e-commerce retailers can drive up their sales and performance numbers and keep their customers happy.

Focus on Current Sales Initiatives

Timely online marketing with SEO is what it’s all about. In November and December, online consumers don’t want to hear about lawn chairs and barbecue grills. They do want to know about the best gift ideas for different age groups, the hottest toy of the season and what colors are on trend for holiday party and formal wear. Keep the focus on the current sales campaign because that is what the consumers are looking to purchase. When a customer puts an item into their shopping cart, a list of coordinated suggestions is a reasonable way to utilize online marketing and SEO to add to the sales numbers.

Be Respectful to the Consumer

E-commerce retailers should be respectful of the customer’s time while browsing and completing an online transaction. Once the customer has entered the payment phase of a transaction, any additional marketing tactics should be curtailed. Acknowledgement of upcoming sales on relevant products using SEO based upon the customer’s purchases is a good strategy to include on a confirmation screen or follow-up email to the consumer.


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