What You Should Know About Living With Roommates in Hyderabad

by Lalithaa

What You Should Know About Living With Roommates in Hyderabad

Moving to a new city like Hyderabad can take some getting used to. Of course, you’re excited about all the changes that are in store for you, but you’re a bit nervous too. It’s your first time living in a new city, and that too with roommates. You’re not sure what to expect from sharing your space and belongings with someone completely unknown in a 1BHK flat for rent in Hyderabad but there are a lot of advantages to living with roommates that you might not be aware of. Obviously, the more people you live with, the more affordable your life in Hyderabad becomes as you’ll be able to split your bills with your roommate, but there’s a lot more to gain as well. So, if you’re someone who’s not sure about living with roommates, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it. Go ahead and take a look. 

You can save money

We hinted at this already and it’s one of the obvious benefits of living with roommates, but there’s no question that living with others is a great way for you to save money. Since you’re going to be splitting the rent and utility bills with them, you’ll be able to afford a bigger flat or one in a better location without paying the full cost. Plus, when you live with roommates you can also split a lot of other living expenses with them. Grocery shopping together, sharing your commute and buying home essentials in bulk are all ways in which you and your roommate can maximise your money.

It’s less responsibility

Raise your hand if you actually enjoy doing household chores. No one? Well, we expected that. The last thing that anyone wants after a tough day at college or work is to get caught up doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom. But if you live alone, the responsibility for keeping your space clean is on you and you’ll have to ensure that you’re on top of your chores. When you live with roommates, you can cut this down in half. By setting up a chore chart and splitting up the household responsibilities, you can reduce the time and effort you spend on keeping your home clean. Choose to alternate cleaning days in the week or assign different tasks to each other depending on what you enjoy (or absolutely hate) doing. If your roommate hates dish duty, you can take over that while your roommate handles sweeping the floor. And if you want all the other benefits of living with roommates without any chores on your plate, opt for a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living which will take care of these daily tasks for you.

It teaches you new skills

It may surprise you, but there’s a lot that you can learn from living with roommates. Not just the practical and knowledge-based tips that your roommate will actually teach you, but the actual experience of living with a new person is going to shape you in ways that you probably didn’t expect. You’ll learn how to be kinder, more considerate of the needs of others and more empathetic too. At the same time, since you’re going to be splitting the bills and each doing your fair share of work, you’ll pick up life skills like managing your own money, sticking to a schedule, learning how to do minor home repairs and even cooking and cleaning. And having someone by  your side as you figure out adulting will make these lessons a lot more fun and definitely hold you in good stead for the rest of your life. 

You can make new friends

When you first move to a 1BHK flat for rent in Gachibowli with a roommate, you’re not sure what to expect. What if you and your roommate don’t get along? But living with each other is an experience beyond comparison. You’re going to get a window into each other’s lives and start bonding, and it’s most likely that you’ll end up being close friends. Since you’re going to be living together in close quarters, you’re going to end up sharing your best and worst times with each other and that’s going to bring you closer together. Plus, over time, you’re also going to get a chance to get to know your roommate’s friends and expand your social circle, giving you an opportunity to work on your networking skills too. So, living with roommates is the best way for you to make friends in a new city.

Those are just some of the things that we think you should know about living with roommates before you start the next stage of your life in Hyderabad. But experience is ultimately the best teacher, so try it out and see for yourself!

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