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The Continuing Importance of SEO for Your Real Estate Business

As the housing market continues to improve and more and more hopeful buyers enter the market, the opportunity for positioning and growth among real estate agents and brokers improves as well.

As the technological revolution continues to build momentum, it has created a powerful platform for agents and brokers to build their web presence and improve customer engagement. Amid so much buzz about social media as the latest marketing tool, some business owners might make the mistake of thinking they can slack off SEO as a part of their overall web strategy.

But that would be a mistake.

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The power of the Web

Americans inhabit a highly web-based culture now. Consumers are clearly using the web to facilitate their buying decisions. According to Digby, more than 80 percent of consumers will use their smartphones to research purchases.

This new culture has become highly functional and mobile when it comes to the ability to investigate companies and purchase opportunities. That makes it more important than ever to establish and maintain a lively web presence.

Your web presence will generate more access for your potential customers, but it will also allow you to engage your customer base and target audience more efficiently and effectively. The foundation of a strong web presence a website or blog through which you can share relevant content that builds value for your business and delivers good will.

One of the primary aims of an effective website is consistent traffic. Building traffic to your site can be accomplished in a number of ways.

You can use newsletter subscriptions, press releases, video marketing, and more. Another way to increase the traffic to your site is to optimize it for search engine page rankings. You’ll have to take steps to ensure that your page appears in search results when people type particular keywords as part of their searches.

The Importance of Good SEO

Creating the opportunity for your site to attract good organic traffic is pretty valuable for building the overall exposure of your brand. According to, organic traffic is a vital source of legitimate business.

When you do SEO correctly, you can draw highly targeted traffic to your site. It will be traffic that’s coming to your site for the purpose of securing your services, or at least obtaining information that will help them make a clear decision on which direction to take in their home-finding efforts.

For instance, a company such as Zilbert, which offers an excellence service, could simply rest on its reputation for excellent quality and service, but instead it exerts terrific efforts to optimize the Zilbert site to guarantee that people who are looking for luxury real estate online will be able to find the site.

Media College suggests that good search engine optimization is worth the investment and generally produces a significant return. It also recommends that you use a professional service for your SEO.

Many agents and brokers make the mistake of attempting to do their optimization in-house, but it’s better to turn to the experts.