What certifications can I get for cloud computing

by Lalithaa

What certifications can I get for cloud computing

Most recently, cloud computing has become one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. There has been a substantial upsurge in cloud-related courses. Because of its high demand, many technical experts and freshers are looking to enroll in an amazon web services course or a Microsoft Azure course. It is possible to learn more about cloud computing by taking Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services training. Learn cloud computing fundamentals with a cloud computing course online.

Cloud Computing – What is it?

Cloud computing is the application of a network of remote servers located on the Internet that is used to store, maintain, and analyze data rather than a local server or private processor. 

Cloud computing course helps you meet your goals, whether you’re interested in using the cloud at business and home or setting up a cloud computing network using Google or Amazon Web Services.

Boost your value to employers by earning certifications. You should be proud of almost any credential you obtain. Certifiable abilities can enhance your compensation and open up new professional prospects, which is a clear benefit of certifications.

  • According to ACG’s State of Cloud survey, 80 percent of people say that a higher income directly resulted from cloud certification.
  • The cloud credentials, according to 52 percent of respondents, have helped them advance their careers.
  • According to Global Knowledge, IT professionals who learned new skills and certifications reported an average rise of $12,000 to USD 13,000.

Why are Cloud certifications necessary?

Cloud certifications set you apart from the competition in the job market. Credentials show potential employers that you’re passionate about your profession and prepared to put extra effort. They may also assist you in proving that you have the necessary skills to operate in the cloud by comparing your knowledge to industry best practices, which they will do for you.

Vendor-neutral certificates indicate that you have the fundamental knowledge to work with any application. It’s possible to obtain vendor-specific certifications if you’re looking for a specific role or your organization is deploying a whole new technology.

Scope of cloud computing course

As in the past few years, the cloud services market is predicted to continue to develop tremendously through 2022. Cloud computing is in high demand. The industry is currently offering excellent packages for cloud computing specialists to take advantage of this trend. Novice cloud computing professionals in India earn between 5 and 7 lakhs per year, while experienced professionals earn between 12 to 19 lakhs per year. The average compensation of a cloud computing specialist in India is approximated at seven lakhs per year, which is an excellent deal. Numerous firms and industries need cloud computing professionals, and there are many opportunities to work in this field.

These days, several cloud computing institutes are emerging. With far too much growth, it’s simple to see why IT services professionals would benefit from being familiar with the cloud. Cloud certifications are a sure-fire approach to get the expertise you need to land new jobs in the IT industry.

Top cloud certification to consider

With the rapid acceptance of cloud technologies, IT professionals will find that working with the cloud is a valuable skill. 

  1. AWS Solutions Architect – Associate: With this certification, you’ll be tested on how well you can deploy, manage, and use various AWS services – the leading cloud platform. The certification validates your understanding of the fundamental technical concepts of AWS cloud engineering, which might help you qualify for relevant positions.
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals: Azure, which has the second-largest market share in the cloud arena, is an excellent platform for learning. Candidates with technical and non-technical backgrounds can earn Azure foundational certification by taking the AZ-900 exam. As a result, you will have a good foundation in Azure expertise. You can obtain Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certifications after this, but it is not required.
  3. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect: One of the most significant cloud certifications for beginners is Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect (GCP Cloud Architect), which tests your skills and expertise in working with Google Cloud’s multiple technologies. This exam helps judge you on your ability to plan and manage a company’s cloud solutions in a secure, robust, dynamic, and scalable way.
  4. Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect: As of now, Google’s Cloud Architect certification is one of the highest-paying IT certifications in the industry. The advanced certification focuses on the abilities needed to fulfill the cloud architect profession in a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. The Cloud Architect certification trains you to build, manage, provision, and protect cloud solution architecture. It’s aimed at experienced cloud professionals who wish to certify their competency with the Google Cloud Platform.
  5. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert: You can exhibit your expertise in creating solutions on Azure and your storage, computing, and security understanding with this Azure cloud certification. This certification test requires substantial knowledge and practical experience in a wide range of IT operations areas. DevOps, Azure development, Azure management, and other related areas of expertise are also required.
  6. CompTIA Cloud+: Vendor-neutral and performance-based, CompTIA Cloud+ certification covers technologies that help build and support cloud infrastructures. The certification aims to identify the skill sets required to construct cloud technologies, including network, computing, and storage technologies. Creating and installing computer systems and those responsible for system connectivity are ideal candidates for this certification examination. 

Concluding note

In today’s job market, getting a cloud certification is the best approach to distinguish it from your competition. To recruiters and employers, this certification is evidence that you have the requisite abilities and knowledge of the particular domain and are qualified for this position. You may improve your skills and advance your career by taking free online cloud computing courses. Courses from Microsoft and renowned universities and institutions worldwide can help you learn about cloud computing and other in-demand areas. Choose the Cloud certification that is right for you, and become an expert in the cloud.

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