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4 Ways to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Fresh with Periodic Posts

by Lalithaa

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As your company moves forward with its content strategy, you have to maintain your digital presence on social media accounts. Too often, a company’s focus can become lopsided, with employees focusing too much on blog content and not enough on social media interactions. However, you may focus on social media marketing anytime. You can also look forward to SMM Panels on Increditools to improve your marketing strategy.

High engagement rates on your social media accounts can drive increased website and blog views, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. Take a look at these four ways to keep your accounts active and engaging.

1. Industry news

Not sure what to post about? Highlight industry changes and intelligence that are relevant to your clients, business partners, and employees.

Committing to posting industry news on a regular basis will help you keep up with current news that you might otherwise miss. Build relationships with industry publications by retweeting their links and replying directly to publishing accounts.

Follow industry leaders to get the early scoop on breaking developments.

2. Unique observations

Your company employees have their own special observations and perspectives to contribute to the global online conversation. Interview your own employees about the industry you work in, and post their pithy and entertaining quotes on your social media pages.

Feature employee portraits along with examples of their contributions, so that you can showcase the top talent at your company. These efforts can also serve as a confidence boost to staff members, who see their peers enjoying public recognition.

3. Community outreach

Social media shouldn’t be a one-way conversation. You can increase engagement rates by starting conversations with other social media users.

Search for instances where customers discuss your products, their concerns, and their successes. Ask people directly for feedback and listen to them.

Invite your followers to participate in promotions and contests. Personalized responses, direct messages, and comment conversations can go a long way to improve your brand visibility and public rapport.

4. Appropriate posts

Your social media coordinators should be very clear about the scope of information and voice they should be using on your company’s social media accounts. For example, it should go without saying that confidential information about your firm should never be shared on social media networks.

It’s probably a wise move to notify employees formally about confidentiality issues through a non-disclosure contract drafted by  a qualified legal professional .

Don’t let your social media presence grow stagnant. Your activity on social media channels can increase engagement rates and drive more traffic to your website or blog.

Industry news, employee observations, and community outreach can help you sustain a regular social media posting schedule.  

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