A Step by Step Guide on Becoming a Teacher

by Lalithaa

Teaching is among the most rewarding career you can go with. It is not always everyone that can look for a teaching job opportunity and applies it. There are minimum requirements that are set to be met for one to be a qualified teacher. Here are some of the steps that you can take to become a qualified teacher.

A Step by Step Guide on Becoming a Teacher

Various Teaching Levels

Before going straight to become a teacher, it’s good that you consider the level and age that you will teach. Firstly, the three early childhood, preschool, and elementary levels have children between 0-11 years. And because they are young, the teacher is responsible for instructing every subject.

Secondly, the next level, middle school and high schools for students from 11-18 years, will see a teacher specializing in a particular subject. For special education, there are no levels as the teachers instruct those with disabilities and disorders.

How long does it take to become a teacher?


The time for one to be a teacher will vary depending on the level you want to teach, your teaching experience, and the state teaching certification requirements.

For instance, to teach younger children, you may be required to have a basic certificate and no experience at all. However, for the older students, you are required to have some experience.

Generally, a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license are the minimum requirements of becoming a teacher. It means that you will need to spend at least 4-5 years in school to attain these. Those taking bachelor’s degrees full time can start teaching immediately after graduating. If a master’s degree is required, there is an addition of two more years.

What do teachers make?

A teacher’s salary differs with many things from age, level, school district, subject matter, the period of employment, among others. Mainly as the student’s age increases, the salary for a teacher also increases. The advantage also is that the teachers will have two to three months’ holiday to work part-time.

Explore Teaching Degree Options


The most asked question currently is what degree do you need to be a teacher? An accredited bachelor’s degree from a place like EducationDegree.com is the least you can have to become a teacher. Once you decide on the level you want to teach, it will be easier to choose your degree options.

For those who want to teach students at higher levels, you must specialize in one subject. At the same time, for those in elementary education, you need to major in elementary education. There are several degree options from bachelor’s, master’s degree, and Ph.D.

Decide How You Want to Learn

There are many ways to learn to be a teacher. The critical part in choosing these methods is considering the pace of learning and content delivery. You may have to choose between online programs or campus-based programs, depending on your availability. Also, another decision to make is whether to be a part-time student or be a full-time student.

How to get a teaching certificate?

A teaching certificate is a requirement for one to teach. Getting a certificate is not that complicated. You must have a bachelor’s degree, completed a teaching practice program, passed a criminal check, and have passed some assessment tests.

This guide has made it easier for you to understand the process you need to become a teacher. Be sure to make your decisions wisely and see yourself soaring high career-wise.

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