Buyer’s Agents: Why Is It Essential to Hire Them ?

by Lalithaa

Buyer’s agents are individuals who explore property options on behalf of the buyer. They evaluate the value of the property and negotiate the best deal with the seller. Buyer’s agents in Sydney are on the rise. Buyers are resorting to these agents because of the variety of benefits provided by these agents.

Australia falls under one of the least affordable countries in the world. Sydney is ranked amongst the most expensive cities to stay. Amateurs going into the real estate market without knowledge get deceived easily. In such cases, it becomes essential to hire experts that can surf the waves. Buyer’s agents are licensed and act as real estate representatives on behalf of the buyer. They help the buyer look for properties that are ideal and expected and negotiate the best of prices.

Why Buyer’s Agents?

There is a multitude of reasons to hire a buyer’s agent. Amateurs might not be aware of the market standing and real estate tactics. Here are some benefits provided by an agent. 

  1. i) Economic Efficiency: The buyer’s agent can negotiate the best prices for properties in the market. An agent for the buyer has a massive amount of knowledge and experience in the industry. Thus, hiring a buyer’s agent has immense economic benefits. It has great potential to save money. 
  1. ii) Placing non-listed properties: Different buyers have different interests. One might want to purchase a quaint property, while another might prefer a trendy property. Many vendors do not disclose all the available properties. It is a widely accepted practice in the real estate market across the world. In such cases, it becomes very beneficial to have a buyer’s agent on one’s side. These agents help the buyer find ideal properties that might not be listed anywhere on the internet or brochures and help negotiate these properties at the best price for their clients.

iii) Time conserving: Anyone that has moved into a new city knows that it takes an immense amount of time and effort to find an ideal property. Hiring a buyer’s agent alleviates this factor and helps one perform other activities with the time saved. This benefit is vital to the buyer as they can save time and use the time saved more efficiently.

Factors to Consider

One cannot simply hire an agent without considering all associated factors. A buyer needs to make sure a few of these checkboxes come through before they decide to hire a buyer’s agent.

  1. i) Cost-effectiveness: Prices of agents vary between different agencies. Before hiring an agent, the buyer must ensure that the fee structure proposed by the agent is affordable. They also need to conduct a little market research to ensure that the agent is proceeding in the right direction.
  1. ii) Experience: Another factor to consider is the agents’ experience. One has to ensure and verify the industry experience of the agent. Real estate is an industry of appreciation. The market values are very volatile as opposed to other environments. In such a surrounding, it becomes vital for the buyer to be aware.

During the advent of the pandemic, it has become immensely strenuous for those in the real estate market to sell off their properties. Property listings are taking a big dip across the world. Australia is no stranger to this. Buyer’s agents in Sydney are on the rise and have become very helpful to both the buyer and the vendor. They can negotiate deals that are beneficial to all parties involved. Having a licensed agent on one’s side can indeed be favourable. Having a licensed agent on one’s side can indeed be favourable. It widens the range of properties and gives the buyer a newer, better perspective on the market.

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