Best Sales Prospecting Tools That Integrate with your CRM

by Lalithaa

Are you looking for the best sales prospecting tools that should integrate with your CRM? Fortunately, you are in the right place. For the outbound sales team, prospecting sales software or tools is essential to find new leads and convert them into customers.

But, if the sales prospecting tool is not integrated with your CRM, then you must be wasting hours to hunt down the contact information in the manual data entry. Therefore, having a perfect tool that can integrate with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is often required.

In this article, we will add the best sales prospecting tools that will easily integrate with your CRM. Let’s have a look.

Best Sales Prospecting Tools – 2021 

Finding the best tool for prospecting sales is one of the miserable tasks. It is because we have to go through a lot of checks and information for the tool. We need to check whether the tool is the best fit for the CRM platform we are using.

Therefore, we have added a list to make this task easier for the people. You can have a look at the list of the three best sales prospecting tools which can quickly integrate with your CRM.

Zoominfo – 1

Zoominfo is one of the oldest and best tools for prospecting sales and getting the lead information. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to gather all the information of customer contacts and their information in a particular manner.

Moreover, Zoominfo can easily be integrated with CRM, which can help to find the lead information more easily. There is nothing difficult in setuping this software/tool. You can consider purchasing the premium version for getting more options and features.

Clearbit Prospector – 2

Looking for the perfect software to track leads or contact information of the customers? What could be better than having a Clearbit Prospector on the list? With the help of this software/tool, the sales team or rep can generate a targeted list of leads/customers along with up to date contact information in seconds.

Moreover, this can be also integrated with your CRM for getting better information most efficiently. For instance, connecting Clearbit with the CRM helps you to get all the data automatically in the system.

Linkedin Sales Navigator – 3

When it comes to the best sales prospecting tools? We cannot forget to add ‘Linkedin Sales Navigator.’ to the list. It works as LinkedIn automation tools and allows you to take advantage of 600 million social users that are available over the internet.

Moreover, its advanced options help you to find out the new lead in seconds. You do not need to belong from any technical background for using this tool. For instance, Linkedin Sales Navigator can also get integrated with CRM easily.

Bottom line

Having the best sales prospecting tool is essential to find new customers or leads. Most business companies prefer having this tool for quick integration and getting the general contact information of the customers.

But, finding a perfect tool that can easily integrate with the CRM platform is quite difficult. Therefore, we have added this article to provide the best three sales prospecting tools that can help you to get the information, and also can integrate with the CRM.

Meta Description: What are the best sales prospecting tools in 2021? Find out the best tools that can integrate with the CRM easily in this article.

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