B2B Appointment Setting Tips to Fill Your Schedule With Qualified B2B Appointment setting

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What is appointment setting?

Experienced specialists from a successful project of Belkins’io state that a good sale is not possible without prior work: awareness of potential customers in B2B marketing, technical support, or service to a new customer. Without communication (perhaps even indirect), you will not achieve the right level of customer relations and brand awareness.

In appointment setting, it is important to create a good first impression and subsequent reputation. It is crucial for you to have your own appointment setter for the next growth of the company, the search for new prospects, and for lead generation service.

A person for the process of b2b appointment setting can be like an individual who will follow only this point of the sales process, so it can be a person from the sales department or any other key decision-maker person. Such a person is key in communicating with customers, especially in B2B, because here the personal influence of a person is much more important than your advertising campaign. When communicating with a potential partner, experience in closing deals in B2B is very important. You need to find an approach and, most importantly, help your partner solve their problem, because we are here for just that!

Why is setting an appointment more important than selling a product?

Selling the product itself is always our main goal. We develop the product and a company while also improving business efficiency, eventually selling the product. But we want to convince you that setting the appointment can be even more important than the sale itself.

Several important points depend on it:

  • Without appointment setting, your sales will be equal to zero;
  • Even if the deal has not taken place yet, you still have a potential buyer (the main thing is to leave a good impression);
  • Many more people will learn about your product by setting the appointment;

We recommend that you pay enough attention to appointment setting, as this is currently a major challenge for many businesses and sales. The opportunities are great because there are enough outsourced companies to not spend time looking for the candidate you need for the position of appointment setter or training your employee. Such companies often have a well-established contact base and a fairly experienced team that will be happy to help you with your business.

Is setting the appointment better via cold calling or cold emailing?

Both methods have their pros and cons, which can be beneficial to lead generation but can also be harmful. Both tactics work, but your choice depends on how you want to look in the market. We will now analyze and explain them.

Cold calls. We are all familiar with this and they are both very irritating, but they can also leave a good impression of the company like Belkins’io. The second is our goal. This method is very useful if you work out a script for your workers and instruct them on the culture of the brand. This method is useful because it leaves a sense of personal approach to each client, and we know how important it is.

Cold emails. This is another successful method, and on the one hand, quite simple. On the other hand, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve good results. You need a well-written email that will interest the reader and an accurate call to action. This tool will help you create the right email campaign and make sure that your letters fall into the right hands and, most importantly, that such letters are opened. Always choose the right helper as an email checker because it will greatly facilitate your work and increase the efficiency of your cold letters.

What should you do after setting an appointment?

Once you make an appointment, don’t think your job is done. In B2B, if your partner has agreed to cooperate, you need to further discuss all the small details and support him in the future. Never forget about after-sales service or purchases.

If you do not feed the interests of your clients or do not use these b2b appointment setting tips, everything can break at any moment. In this case, with a huge number of competitors, you should not relax immediately after the setting.

Sometimes, retaining your customer can be a lot harder than getting one. It all depends on each client, and sometimes you will need to use your personal work as the main person in public relations, but sometimes you can create a team for such purposes. So to speak, a complete package of support, including lead research for the needs of your client. 

How and when should you send reminders?

Continuing from the previous paragraph, this can be useful for the type of client who does not need too much attention and is relatively independent even after closing the deal. Such a client just needs to be reminded that you remember him and everything moves on according to the agreement.

For potential customers, there are two ways to communicate in a b2b appointment setting:

  1. The client can contact you, and in this case, you need to provide an answer as soon as possible. This is the main rule of service.
  1. If the client at least once showed interest but does not apply in the future, you need to remind yourself a little.

In the case of an already concluded agreement and with a “passive” client, it is recommended to remind yourself once a week. This is a comfortable period in lead generation B2B to decide to buy and at the same time not to forget about it.

The Bottom Line from Belkins’io

The customer of your dreams is only a few cold calls or emails away if you schedule a B2B appointment. Setting up a B2B meeting is not an everyday thing, even though it is basic. Your sales agents must work effectively in order to be persistent in the long run. It’s also crucial to note that, while you might not be able to gain the customer of your dreams right away, you’re already one step closer than if you hadn’t had a B2B lead generation plan in the first place.

Setting up a B2B meeting is difficult, and doing so successfully may be extremely costly and time-consuming. Because it is significantly more cost-effective and time-consuming to outsource appointment services, many small and medium-sized enterprises do so. So, hire an outsourcer or assemble a dream team, use our appointment setting tips, and go sell and grow!


Stephen Quincey. Experienced american consultant in lead generation with 6 years of experience in a marketing company and popular articles on lead generation and advertising campaigns. He is currently developing and growing in appointment setting while working on brand awareness in middle-sized businesses.

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