“Email deliverability”- How to reach the best results in an email marketing campaign

by Lalithaa

 Email deliverability: the term, usage, and peculiarities

Here and now thousands of emails line up with one pivotal up-to-date aim to retain in the recipient’s inbox system. For such purposes as to gain customer attention and to be memorized as a brand, service, or a particular product. Email marketing is fundamentally based on productive email deliverability, as yet it remains a primary tool position. 

The ratio of electronic mail gets into the addressee’s mailbox by ISP (internet service providers). Email deliverability rate is the presence of not-rebound e-letters and remains the core of profitable advertising and marketing ascension. The better this score will be, the more productive your e-campaign will be. Through the use of an email checker provided by trustworthy platforms such as folderly.com email checker users can easily check email deliverability. This complex process goes through ESP network internal filters, and IP checks to tap into inboxes as whitelists.


Today you will explore:

  • Checking email deliverability and exploring its essentialism;
  • Email Deliverability VS email checker;
  • Steps you have to consider to increase the deliverability indicator;
  • What is “Authentication” in terms of email marketing?;
  • Types of email tools.

Okay, now it is time to explore the email deliverability topic deeper in order to understand its principles of work and all pitfalls you might face. 

Checking email deliverability and exploring its essentialism

Email deliverability is highly substantial for market services. The online reputation of arriving email plays a crucial role for web pages and their branding establishment. It is directly interfaced with the business turnout and the marketplace revenue.  Testing email deliverability with the use of additional tools allows conducting a noticeable comprehension of users’ email delivery. This method is compulsory to strengthen the products campaigns development.

Spam and letter-omission as blacklists are the worst nightmares for email marketing deliverability. From the ground up, it is closely connected with the reputation of the organization. Subscribers’ inboxes accept mostly verified information, but they also scarcely bounce the essential one. And it is a seriously hazardous option for email promotion. Notably, that is why e-messages needed to be provided appropriately with all assurances and network standards in order to make email service providers be sure that you are a credible, transparent, and trustworthy user. 

Email Deliverability VS email checker

Нaving good email deliverability requires a lot of time and implementation of additional tools for keeping a wide variety of indicators at a satisfying level. Proficient marketers share important factors influencing this rate and missing them might cost double times. So, let’s have a thorough look at them.

Email workflow. At this stage, you are alone with email spam filters which you should show to that you are a credible sender.

Reputation – this is a set of processes and indicators the condition of which affects the score of your deliverability. 

Performance – this is how your marketing automation processes are systematized in order to control all rates providing good email deliverability.

Authentication – is a guarantee of cybersecurity. 

Definitely, it will take lots of effort to identify spam issues that destroy this important indicator. But don`t worry, there is one perfect solution that is focused on periodically running email deliverability with checking delivery and spam issues, their solving, and prevention as well. On the website, you can become acquainted with the innovative email checker provided by Folderly, its effectiveness, and special offers. It is responsible for making your marketing journey unique and profitable. Remember, the better tool you choose, the better results from testing you will get. 

 Steps you have to consider to increase the deliverability indicator

To easily reach the inbox and improve e-sending we should focus on workflow. Thereby email workflow contraption deals with personalization, link formats, email high-speed transmission, email avatar, or “e-embodying”, pursuing whitelisting rules.

Following rules of time and frequency of sending:

Email senders should not make unwavering mistakes such as constantly sending out letters to subscribers’ bases. It seems to be regarded as a stalemate for customers’ curiosity. Email deliverability is far away from numbness. So, how many emails need to be sent globally per day? Anyhow, this procedure is about systematically, not tiresome sending.


The secret of email-delivery refinement hides out in context and such criteria as structure, plan, the shield of dangerous looking, clearness and concision. Only testable and audited information will capture users’ attention.

List database:

Discreet context with the elimination of invalid databases is the holistic approach for the awesome outcome. Inactive users aren’t made the objective field for talking sense. Only just the elaborated reputation could alleviate subscribers’ aspiration to cover new messages.

Awareness of broken links:

It is one of the most proficient ways for warming up email deliverability using separate links. Link’s accuracy and urgency are vital elements for delivery improvement.

What is “Authentication” in terms of email marketing and you should get through it

An email claiming legitimacy is closely affiliated with a firm marketing reputation. This is the scenery for following the arriving email step or its bouncing. Customers accept emails in their inbox or just it will flow away into spam. That is why the spam folder stays in thorough correlation with email delivery authentication.

For avoiding email misleading deliverability and incongruity we try to determine and utilize 4 types of email authentication:

  1. SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
  2. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
  3. DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication)
  4. BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)

Authentication technologies give guarantee and assurance that mailing information is secure and customers’ inboxes will not be vulnerable to such network materials. This is a useful practical tool with the protective target. The authentic standard facilitates the deliverability rate of email reaching.

Effective tools and their features.

To provide your email campaign with a strong basis, additional support, and confidence you have to consider picking email tools. This step is important since email providers check how you care about your email deliverability, your outreach, content, contact lists, and other indicators leading to two destinations – reaching top results in marketing or complete blocking and spamming. So in order to not let you get the second scenario, let`s discover two important email instruments providing high-quality support and help.


Folderly`s email delivery testing tool comes in handy when you want to complete the tasks: lead generating, spam verifying, getting rid of spam issues, and getting a thorough report on email processes. But the most fascinating thing you might experience  is that you can get step-by-step recommendations on improving your email indicators according to your current user`s conditions. How to realize that a tool is trustworthy? Of course, to check its activity according to cybersecurity your data and 24/7 customer support. Folderly`s service guarantees all of it and even more. 


Warm-up is a necessary email warming-up platform that helps many companies conduct strong ground for emailing in huge formats. It is an important phase you should count on especially when you are at the beginning of your email marketing journey.



As a tremendous source of engaging and influencing your customers, email remains one of the platforms you have to put effort and attention to get fruitfulness and profitability. The more you care about it, the better email deliverability will show its effectiveness by successful lead generation, increasing sales, and level of engagement.

Reaching your outreach with increasing sales and engagement is real when you concentrate on all indicators and factors, especially, email deliverability. Remember about its continuous enhancing and keeping in a good state for preventing yourself from unpleasant consequences.

John Casprey – email marketing expert helping many business owners create lead generation practices via email platform. He is confident that the future of advertising and engagement with a client is behind the reachable wall which is called email marketing. John generously shares his experience and knowledge on this topic.


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