4 Advantages Of Using A Business VPN

by Lalithaa

A data breach is frightening for anyone managing sensitive information, whether a sole proprietor or a small and medium enterprise. Businesses are at risk from various threats online unless they invest in an excellent virtual private network (VPN). Using a VPN has benefits, which is why businesses also use them for safety.

Here are reasons why your company should use VPN, especially when you do business online:

  1. Data Sharing Becomes Safer

If you have multiple offices and your employees tend to share collaborative projects. They’ll likely use apps that’ll allow them to access the project anywhere. It contains the data of your offices and the clients’ data as well. But when you have a VPN, you can add a layer of protection to your employees’ resources.

It also allows your client to safely connect and access internal resources if they want to see your team’s efforts. If your business needs VPN with servers outside the USA, you can easily find a legit service online that’ll cater to your needs.

  1. Improvement In Employee Productivity

There are times when employees are offsite and might need to use public Wi-Fi or a high-speed mobile data network to access company accounts. But that’s a considerable risk for remote workers. These networks also open access to hackers and other users who might be curious enough to take a peek at company property.

A VPN that your remote team can use protects your business from cybersecurity threats. For example, a worker must travel to an important sales meeting. They’ll need access to company resources for a presentation. A remote-access VPN can protect an encryption tunnel once they join the public network.

There are various VPN providers that you can choose from online sources. You can first read a review of NordVPN to find out if certain VPN brands are what your company needs. A VPN can significantly benefit your business during situations when your employees need to be offsite for a while.

  1. Unlimited Access Across International Borders

If your company sometimes has to send employees overseas, they may have encountered countries with restrictions on internet access. It becomes an issue when your team can’t access the company resources they’ll need for information across the open web. The country could be blocking a particular site or service your business is using.

If they have a VPN that’ll work in the area they travel to, they can still have internet access as if they have never left the country, along with secure access. While not all employees will need this benefit, those who travel outside the United States will. Before providing access to your team, it’s essential to understand the privacy policies of the VPN provider you choose. Make sure that they also won’t keep extensive logs. Authorities might decide to keep the information and use it for themselves.

The downside is that a VPN without extensive logs can limit the tracking ability of your IT employees. They can’t use it the way larger companies utilize identity management systems. Once you get the gist of the provider’s policies, you can discuss them with your IT employees to find a solution for how it’d best benefit the business.


  1. VPNs Are Affordable

Businesses will always choose the option where they can save on costs. As a business owner, will you decide to hire more employees for your IT department or subscribe to a preferred VPN service? The better choice looks obvious enough.

A VPN will fit the company budget more than compensating extra people on your payroll. An annual subscription could cost between USD$50 and USD$100. You can also choose which subscription plan covers the number of employees you want to allow the use of VPN. Some providers will allow five people to access the VPN per account. To better understand the features included in the subscription plan of your choosing, be sure to read the terms before paying.

Your company can also invest in a good VPN router to secure the Wi-Fi connection for one VPN account. You can look for steps on how to install a VPN on your router. Your employees will be able to use the service in the office safely when you have a VPN router. If you’re a small business with a limited budget, a VPN subscription can help you secure your network at an affordable price.



A VPN for business is the most affordable solution for small companies that are adamant about strengthening cybersecurity. The VPN provides a layer of protection within the office and when using public networks. They also help you access the internet even if you’re past international borders. Your team will be able to collaborate wherever they go and improve productivity.


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