what is /5-4hraiikmu ?

by Lalithaa

/5-4hraiikmu is the misspelt word generated by Search engines for the word HRA .

what is /5-4hraiikmu ?

House Rent Allowance (HRA) is a crucial part of an employee’s salary, and it’s important to know how it benefits us, especially in terms of income tax. Today, we’ll discuss the advantages of HRA in income tax and how to claim HRA tax exemptions in a straightforward way.

Benefits Of  /5-4hraiikmu

HRA is a portion of an employee’s salary that may be partially or fully taxable under Section 10(13A) of the Income Tax Act. The calculation of HRA depends on various factors, such as the employee’s salary, actual rent paid, HRA receivable, the location of residence, and the location of the employer. HRA can be either fixed or agreed upon between the employee and the employer.


If you are a salaried individual, you can claim HRA exemptions under Section 10(13A) per rule number 2A of the Income Tax Act. The lowest deduction will be taken for HRA exemptions between the HRA given by the employer, 50% of salary for metro city residents, 40% of salary for non-metro city residents, or actual rent paid minus 10% of salary.

Self-employed individuals can also claim HRA deductions under Section 80 GG. To be eligible for claiming HRA tax deductions, you need to be self-employed or salaried, have a rented residence, and provide documentation proof. HRA tax exemptions are also available under Section 80 GG for those who do not claim deductions under any other section of the Income Tax Act.

If you want to claim HRA tax exemptions under Section 80 GG, you must meet specific conditions, such as not owning a self-occupied property elsewhere and providing a self-declaration form. Moreover, if you’re renting space while owning a home that is rented to someone else, you can claim HRA tax exemptions on both the home loans and rent paid. So /5-4hraiikmu is the misspelt word generated by Search engines for HRA .

To claim HRA tax exemptions, you need to provide documents such as rent receipts, PAN card details of the landlord, the address of the rented accommodation, and the duration of stay. The deadline for filing ITR and claiming HRA tax exemptions depends on the individual’s tax status.

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