Why Faxing Remains A Vital Technology In 2023

by Lalithaa

Why Faxing Remains A Vital Technology In 2023

Sharing documents and other sensitive information is almost a daily task for many businesses. Proper sharing of documents may boost collaboration and teamwork, improving your production line. People have used fax machines for many years to send and receive documents. This has become one of the most convenient methods to share documents, regardless of the physical location. 

Many people may think this old technology has died out due to the introduction of other sharing methods, such as email. However, this isn’t the case. Technology advancement played a huge role in revolutionizing this outdated technology. It led to the introduction of modern and advanced fax services such as eFax. This option makes it easier for people to share and receive documents quickly. 

Here’s why faxing is still relevant in 2023:  

  • Security  

Technology advancement has made it easier for people to share and receive documents. However, the same improvement has contributed to the introduction of more destructive cyberattacks. The attackers are now launching advanced threats, which could compromise your production line. 

Faxing may play a huge role in improving your cybersecurity architecture. You can easily introduce advanced solutions such as encryption to protect your documents when moving from one department to another. Another solution you can integrate is cloud computing. Cloud services only allow the relevant team members to access sensitive documents, regardless of location. 

When using other services such as couriers to send documents, there are higher chances they might fall into the wrong hands. If they do, this will affect your public image and may compromise your competitive advantage, leading to reduced sales and revenue.  

  • Familiarity  

This is another reason why faxing is still a relevant technology in 2023. As mentioned above, businesses have been using faxing for more than a century. For this reason, most people are familiar with its functionality and the necessary protocols.  

However, you may have to train your team members to use modern faxing systems as a business owner. This ensures they’re comfortable with faxing, improving its effectiveness. This also ensures they maintain all the sharing protocols when sending and receiving documents, improving security.  

Why Faxing Remains A Vital Technology In 2023

  • Convenience 

Sharing documents has become a crucial aspect of most business operations. For this reason, it’s essential you get a cost-effective and reliable way to send and receive documents. Modern faxing is a convenient way to share documents. As mentioned above, you can easily integrate cloud services into your faxing systems. 

In this era of remote working, people don’t have to be physically available to collaborate and help achieve business goals. Thus, cloud integration makes it easier for team members to collaborate and access resources, regardless of location. They can also utilize their mobile devices, such as smartphones, to share documents, addressing geographical limitations. However, if you introduce the concept of bringing your own device (BYOD), ensure the devices are secure.  

Although integrating advanced solutions such as cloud services may have higher upfront costs, an easier and more convenient way to share documents may hugely influence your productivity. 

Besides the above, it’s easier to integrate other solutions, such as digital signatures. These systems make it easier to sign a document at any time without having to print it first. This may save you considerable time and money in the long run, which you could utilize in core business such as management.  

  • Compliance  

Each business aspect has rules and regulations surrounding its operations, and document sharing is no different. When sharing documents, there are rules and standards you must adhere to, ensuring you safeguard customer data and other sensitive information. Failure to comply may expose data to rivals, affecting your public image. It may also lead to non-compliance penalties, which could affect your overall profit margin. 

Integrating advanced solutions such as cloud services and automation may help you comply with all the set standards. A faxing service can help you comply with the rules of document sharing by providing a secure way to transmit sensitive information. Faxing services often use secure protocols, such as SSL or TLS, to encrypt the data during transmission, which helps protect it from unauthorized access.

Additionally, the faxing service provider may help with regulatory compliance. For this reason, it’s important to ensure the service provider is certified to provide the services, making it easier to adhere to the set policies.  

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, sharing documents has become an important aspect of modern businesses. Although faxing is an old practice, technology has played a major role in ensuring it maintains its relevance in 2023. Some of the benefits of modern faxing include security, convenience, compliance, and familiarity.

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