What Is Commercial Asphalt Services ?

by Lalithaa

Commercial asphalt services is a term used to describe the process involved in constructing roads and other surfaces. It can include the subgrade preparation, the thickness of the asphalt, and the sealing of the characters.


Sealcoating is applying a liquid sealing coat to asphalt-paved surfaces. It’s best done regularly to make the pavement last longer and to avoid rust and water damage.

The application uses thick rubberized tar to seal cracks in the pavement. Wipe the pavement before applying the coating to guarantee that the sealer adheres to the surface.

As a rule, you should do a seal coating job on your parking lot every two to four years. Sealing the surface is the least expensive way to keep your investment in top condition.

Luckily, there are several companies in the business. You’ll find them in commercial and residential asphalt paving Seattle sectors.¬†

Subgrade preparation

Subgrade preparation is an integral part of a commercial asphalt paving project. It should be prepared in a way that allows the pavement to be stable and durable. When selecting subgrade materials, there are several things to consider.

Different materials need varying degrees of compaction. Some soils may need to be treated with herbicides or cement to promote bonding. Cement treatments can also strengthen the subgrade’s load-bearing capacity.

To properly grade and compact the subgrade, heavy machinery is often used. In addition, proof-roll machines are used to determine soft pockets.

The first step in subgrade preparation is to remove loose material. It is done with heavy pneumatic-tired equipment. After the soil is tested, the subgrade should be replaced with an appropriate material.

Pavement thickness

Asphalt thickness is an essential consideration in any paving project. The right choice will determine how long your asphalt pavement will last. It also will affect the cost of a paving project.

Several factors contribute to proper asphalt thickness. It includes the size of the roadway, the vehicles that will be driving on it, and the subgrade material. A full-depth asphalt surface is not only strong and long-lasting, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

The proper thickness will not only improve the longevity of your paving project but will also save you time and money. For example, a 2-inch thick surface will save you from having to redo the entire parking lot in the event of a significant truck accident.

While the most expensive option is usually the thickest, it will only do you a little good if the asphalt is laid correctly. If the subgrade is compacted well enough, you will have a surface resistant to fatigue cracks and other problems.


The drainage of your parking lot or driveway plays a significant role in the safety and longevity of your paved structure. Without proper drainage, water can cause damage to your surface and even cause structural decay. A professional paving company can assess your existing drainage system to see what needs to be done to remedy the problem.

Drainage is an essential part of any asphalt paving project. In addition to preventing water from pooling, it also contains small fissures from forming. Water that runs off the pavement will also affect the underlying soil. It may penetrate cracks and small crevices and weaken the bonding of the asphalt.

When choosing a contractor, ensure they have experience working with parking lots and driveways. It will help ensure they know how to install your new asphalt properly. Also, ensure they are licensed and insured.

Porous asphalt

Porous asphalt is a paving material used to make roads, driveways, and sidewalks. These porous surfaces allow water to percolate slowly through the pavement and eventually into the soil. This makes it an excellent choice for developing property.

Porous asphalt is an ideal solution for managing stormwater runoff. It can also save you money. The cost of the material can be lower than that of conventional construction.

Porous asphalt is an affordable alternative to other stormwater management systems. It can reduce the amount of stormwater runoff in local waterways when installed correctly. Also, it can help keep water tables at a healthier level.

It is also a safer surface for human use. Porous asphalt can also be used to meet impermeable surface codes.

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