Why is Hiring a TEM Provider Better than Buying Telecom Software

by Lalithaa

Most businesses applaud independent thinking, but sometimes, independent thought doesn’t always get you the best results, especially when you’re thinking of outsourcing some of your business’ telecom audit services. Many business owners like to be in control, and that means keeping everything in-house, but that’s not always good for a company’s bottom line, and the complexities of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is an excellent example.

Why is Hiring a TEM Provider Better than Buying Telecom Software

In most cases, IT is handled perfectly well in-house with a dedicated IT department. However, TEM is different because of the various components included that makes managing it successfully tricky. Think about all the elements of TEM, such as inventory, computers, invoices, vendor credits, MACDs, negotiating new contracts, and acquiring new devices and services, and you can see how difficult and time-consuming it can be for in-house staff to manage, let alone your already overburdened IT department. While TEM and IT do overlap in some areas, it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective for your IT team to split their time between two functions because one is ultimately going to suffer. In instances like this you may be tempted to buy telecom management software, but even with that, you need someone to manage that software and dealing with everything that goes with it.


TEM Providers Do Better In Identifying Problems

One of the significant drawbacks to relying solely on TEM software is that you don’t get the benefit of quick identification of problems as soon as the crop up. A dedicated TEM provider will be able to immediately tell where your company is spending too much money on telecom or wasting money on services you either don’t use or need. Most companies are unaware of these issues and continue to lose money on them.


TEM Providers Don’t Waste IT’s Valuable Time

As mentioned, most IT staff already have full plates just keeping their systems updated and running smoothly. When you add another task, such as TEM to their plate, they’re going to be overburdened, and both tasks will likely suffer. Also, consider that employee morale will often dip when they’re overworked. Ask yourself: Do you really want your IT staff chasing down an unpaid invoice or negotiating a cell contract instead of maintaining your company’s crucial systems? The answer should be, no. Let your IT staff do what they do best, which is IT and leave the TEM to a dedicated provider.


TEM Providers Give You The Expertise You Want

We have already spoken about the complexities of TEM, which is why it’s essential to have a staff of dedicated people who have the expertise to navigate that world successfully. When you have a question about your company’s telecom services, your TEM provider will be able to give you the answer, which isn’t always the case when you dump this kind of work on an in-house staff who lack the training. Also, if you run into problems that require immediate attention, your dedicated TEM provider will be able to provide it rather than having to wait for in-house staff to finish one job before getting back to you with your problem.


Outsourcing Can Save You Money

While it’s true that the initial cost of purchasing TEM software looks to be quite a bit lower than hiring a dedicated TEM provider, the fact is that you’ll need someone to manage that software, which either means bringing in a new employee or giving that task to your IT team. Both scenarios are going to cost you money in the long run either with a new salary or in lost productivity making your IT department work on something they’re unfamiliar with.

You should also consider that while hiring a dedicated TEM provider does seem like a significant expense at the outset, what they can save you in recovered money offsets what you’re paying. Lastly, when you negotiate a fee with your TEM provider, usually that money you’re paying stays the same until you renegotiate their contract.


TEM Providers Give More Comprehensive Solutions

When you use TEM software, most of the solutions provided by the software still have to be handled in-house, however, with a dedicated TEM provider, you don’t have to worry about that because they manage everything from start to finish.


Telecom Products Have Many Benefits & Pitfalls You May Not Know About

You’re in business to make money, either by making a product or providing a service. When you hire a dedicated TEM provider, they provide their expertise to handle the dirty details of telecom, which frees you up to do what you do best, which is run your company. A good TEM provider offers sound advice on how you can save money, which components are the right choice for your business, and they’ll negotiate contracts in your favor. So, while the upfront expense might seem like a lot, the money you can save over time can be substantial.


TEM Providers Provide Insights That Software Can’t

Your TEM provider will be able to provide personal insights into your business that software can’t offer. They can examine the various ways your company spends money on its telecom infrastructure, which is something you don’t usually get from a computer. The benefit to this human oversight is that your business gets the best advice and service, which adds up to savings that go directly to your bottom line.


TEM Providers Are Better At Customizing For You

Different telecom consulting consultants say, one thing that software can’t do well is recommended custom solutions to your telecom issues. A dedicated TEM provider will be able to take a personal overview of your company’s needs and provide you with solutions specifically tailored for your business. With a dedicated provider, you won’t have to worry about juggling in-house resources and lost productivity. TEM is a costly, time-consuming area, and is best left to those who know this area in and out.

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