Types of Cardboard Boxes

by Lalithaa

You need to pack something up to ship and want a cardboard box. It is heavy so you are unsure what types of boxes are out there for you to use. Here are some examples of corrugated board containers and the differences between them

Types of Cardboard Boxes

Triple Wall Boxes

Triple wall corrugated boxes are typically used for commercial packaging minneapolis purposes like appliances and very heavy materials. They are made with the standard sheet of corrugated board with the wavy layer between two flat sheets. Three of those sheets are glued together to make one triple layered durable wall. This type of board can be made into recyclable pallets or used in the place of a crate.

Double Wall Boxes

Double wall containers are constructed like the triple wall boxes but with one less layer of corrugated board. They are more sturdy that a typical cardboard box and can be used in both residential and commercial uses. The double layer of corrugated board can support heavier items. Their form will stay sturdier if other boxes are piled on top of them in a warehouse or on a truck for shipment.

Single Wall Boxes

These boxes have only one layer of corrugation supporting it and can hold lighter things. These are the boxes you would normally find in shipping supply stores. They can be used to mail items from one place to another. Single wall corrugated containers are also able to be printed on if a customer would want their logo on the box. They are far easier to imprint that double or triple wall boxes.

Single Face Board

This item is line a layer of single wall corrugated board with one less side. Single face board makes a weak box but it can be used to line one stack of items from another as you are packing.

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