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3 Instances When Court-Ordered Classes May Be Required

by Lalithaa

Going to court is rarely a time for joy. When you need to see a judge, it usually means something has gone wrong. Whether you are there for a criminal or personal reason, one of the things a judge may require you to do is attend a court-ordered class. These classes may be conditions to staying out of jail or getting something you want, like a divorce. While courses may apply in almost any type of proceeding, these three are common examples.

1. High-Conflict Divorce

Tensions run high in the divorce process, but when one parent is harder to deal with, it makes the situation that much worse. One spouse may react and lose their temper more readily than the other, causing conflict to abound. This situation is considered to be a high-conflict divorce and may result in some of the most toxic decisions and repercussions for children and adults alike. Therefore, as a condition to granting a divorce, the judge may require that one or both spouses undergo court ordered anger management classes to help diffuse the situation. Elements of the divorce may be contingent on completion.

2. A DUI Conviction

Drinking and driving is a crime in every state. A blood alcohol content of .08 or higher may get you an appearance before a judge, who may want you to attend an alcohol awareness program. Failing to complete this may result in a longer suspension of your license, or you may find yourself behind bars.

3. Drug Court

If you got caught with drugs, the court might require you to attend a drug treatment program outpatient and/or inpatient may be necessary. You may have to follow up with a drug counselor for several months or even years after successful completion to ensure you are still drug-free. If you violate these terms or others, the judge may choose to pass down a stiffer sentence.

Court-ordered classes are mandated to help people get a better handle on an underlying issue. If you are offered one as part of a plea deal, you may want to consider it.

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