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Top 5 YouTube Channels to Ace Your SNAP 2018 Preparation

SNAP is the test conducted by Symbiosis University for aspirants to gain admission in the top and prestigious Symbiosis Institutes for MBA programmes. Every year numerous students aim to get through this examination process in order to study in the college of their dreams. As we are in the age of the internet there are a variety of unconventional studying techniques which have caught the eyes of the aspiring candidates.

One such method is to prepare for SNAP 2018 is to study through online videos and YouTube channels. Some of the top coaching institutes have uploaded videos on various topics which are covered in the exam that helps in achieving a good score. Candidates are required to subscribe to these channels and they can easily access the videos at any point of time from anywhere. The institutes have provided these videos as well as the efficient notes along with the competent faculty. Here are the five best YouTube channels to subscribe to in order to ace their preparation for SNAP 2018:

Test Funda

This channel helps in SNAP preparation and has a bunch of previous year’s test papers. It specializes in solving previous year question papers of all the MBA entrance tests. There are answer keys, detailed solutions, and analysis for the all the papers. It includes demo lessons and free tests.

Career Launcher

It is one of the most popular offline coaching institutes in the country. What is great about it is that they have a YouTube channel as well. It is for students who prefer online coaching and this will help them replay the videos over and over. It is an education service provider with over 175 centers across the country. The YouTube channel has been operational since 2008 and has over 6700 videos. They have a million subscribers and regularly update their video content with the latest tips and tricks to crack SNAP.

Takshzila shikshak

This channel is suitable for both SNAP and CAT entrance exams preparations. It covers all the topics that you find in these tests such as – quantitative aptitude, Mathematics, Logical reasoning, English Usage and reading comprehension. Takshzila shikshak has a total subscribers list of 53 thousand and growing. The total videos uploaded are 382 and the content is always upgraded and is very regular. This channel has generated a total view of 7.44 million.


This is a great channel to prepare for national level entrance exams such as SNAP, CAT and any other SAT exams. Most of the videos uploaded on the channel are detailed, elaborate and easy to understand. It is very articulate and simple. It helps a student to understand concepts easily.


One of the leading online channels in the educational genre at the moment, Byju covers a variety of exams and preparation classes for students looking to study and clear doubts online. It has over 67 thousand subscribers on its channel. The channel has 438 videos so far and new videos get added quite regularly. It is one of the best channels to prepare for SNAP. It also helps in preparing for all the sections of the exam and is quite trending in the educational scenario. It is also a learning app which can be installed on one’s phone.

With these great references of YouTube channels, now you have enough content to prepare for your upcoming SNAP 2018 for December. Prepare hard and well. Choose any one channel and go through their videos properly and make notes. It will help you gloss over the points when you do not have access to those videos. Always remember to complete a total set of videos on a concept, solve questions, circle out the doubts and then clear the doubts, practice the doubt questions and then move on to another chapter.

Even though it is the age of the internet but it is important to understand that nothing can replace sheer hard work. So, work hard and smart. Ace SNAP 2018 and get into the coveted Symbiosis University. Chart your future into brilliance through SNAP 2018.