Remodeling Your Bathroom

by Lalithaa

You are looking for ways to breathe new life into your home. You decide that your bathroom is in need of a makeover. Here are a few steps for making it look brand new when you are finished.

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Call In the Experts

Even though you might think it is a simple remodel, you will want to have a contractor work with you. They will know if you can keep your existing plumbing or if you need to buy shower doors montgomery county md. They can check the wiring to make sure it is safe and make recommend safe but stylish flooring.

Keep the Existing

If you can keep some of the basics like plumbing and flooring, you will save money on your remodel. Having a plumber reroute pipes can be expensive. You might also try to keep other fixtures by cleaning them up and recaulking.

Give It a New Look

Once the remodel starts, you can begin to purchase replacement cabinetry and fixtures to replace the ones you getting rid of. If your budget is a problem, you can shop second hand stores or look at scratch and dent items that can be stained or repainted. Give your cabinets a unique look by adding custom pulls on the doors and drawers.

Finishing Touches

When the remodel is complete, you can finish it off with decorations. Choose one or two coordinating colors and purchase new towels and washcloths. If your tile can get slippery when it is wet, you will want to get a matching rug or bath mat as well. You can add a curtain in the same color combination as the rest of the accessories if your bathroom has a window. Add safety strips to your bathtub or shower floor to keep from sliding. Finish off the look with new soap dishes, toothbrush holders and other items for your sink and possibly some greenery.

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