Top 5 Effective Ways to Earn From Shein

by Lalithaa

Shein has become one of the highest-grossing fashion companies in the world, currently sitting at around $100B. It started as a humble Chinese drop shipping company but later expanded exponentially because of the variety and affordable price range it offered to its users.

Shein is not just a platform to sell; it also gives people a chance to cash in on the fame of the platform in any of their desired ways. Following are some of the highly effective money-making opportunities that this platform offers. You will want to tap into the one that best fits your preference:

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing refers to when people with a considerable number of followers and subscribers advocate a particular product or service to their followers in exchange for money. They charge a handsome amount of free products in return for promoting that product.

Shein influencers enjoy more benefits because these influencers not only enjoy the financial perks but are also given gorgeous dresses from the platform every now and then. Shein has launched the Shein Influencer Program, which is centered on bringing more sales to the tables and increasing the awareness of the platform among the masses. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing drives insane revenue if done correctly. The biggest advantage for the people opting for the affiliate program of Shein is that the platform has successfully built its credibility among people, and it’s easier for them to trust a brand or platform they have had an interaction with. 

You can earn according to each sale you’ll close through the affiliate link. You’ll receive a fixed percentage of the total amount as an affiliate commission with each sale generated. The commission would be higher for items that are priced high and vice versa. People usually follow this type of marketing when they make Shein haul videos. This income stream is especially a retreat for fashion bloggers as people are always on the lookout for their designers and fashion tips. 

Ambassador Program

Shein also has an ambassador program that allows people, especially fashion influencers and bloggers, to be a part of their network. The Ambassador is responsible not only for the promotion of the brand in a personal and social capacity but also for generating as many sales as possible. 

Some seasonal programs offer monthly payments, some are project-based, and others depend on the number of sales generated. To qualify for this type of program, you’ll have to ensure that you have enough social reach to promote the brand to a maximum. 


Getting into collaboration is a daily life task for a majority of bloggers and social media influencers. You will want to learn the basic roadmap to becoming a social media influencer if you are interested in earning through all the mentioned above income streams. 

Shein, just like all other reputed brands, also offers collaborations for not just influencers or bloggers but also for other brands and companies. Various platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, instagram, and more are compatible for people when it comes to making a brand shine through collaborations. 


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