Why to Stock Up on Wholesale Hoodies for the Holidays

by Lalithaa

The year’s final months are often the busiest and most profitable for retailers. However, because the holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year, it’s a good idea to plan the kind of inventory you need.

One of the most important parts of planning your brand’s holiday rush is deciding what products to offer customers. Whether you’re an athleisure brand or a general retailer, hoodies are a must-have. 

Wholesale hoodies are always top sellers during colder months, and sales typically spike closer to the holidays. So stocking up on wholesale hoodies and planning a few product lines with this wardrobe staple will give your brand an edge this season. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of stocking up on wholesale hoodies for the holidays.  

Hoodies are brand top sellers

The pullover hoodie has become a fashion mainstay thanks to the popularity of athleisure and streetwear fashion. People of all sizes, identities, and backgrounds gravitate towards this item of clothing because it is versatile, comfortable, and affordable. 

As a fashion brand, you must sell hoodies to remain relevant to the modern-day shopper. 

Customers are looking for something other than a plain old hoodie, though. So instead, stand out from other brands by bulk ordering high-quality sponge fleece or polyblend wholesale hoodies. Bella + Canvas is an excellent example of a wholesale brand that creates modern hoodies that your customers will love. 

In addition, more people are on the market for a new hoodie during the holidays because they are searching for creative, unique gifts for loved ones and friends. Therefore, it’s essential to have your wholesale hoodie supply stocked and ready for new and returning customers this time of year. 

Why are hoodies popular gifts?

Clothing is always a popular gift-giving option for shoppers. The hoodie is a perfect gift because it’s gender-neutral and practical. 

A hoodie is a thoughtful gift because it is so versatile. People depend on hoodies to keep them cozy, express their style, and protect them from the elements. You can’t go wrong with a gifted hoodie because everyone has at least one in their closet.

In addition, the looser fit of hoodies makes it easier for shoppers to buy the “right” size. It’s way less stressful for someone to buy an oversized hoodie for their loved one versus a form-fitting button-up shirt. 

Overall, selling products made with wholesale hoodies is a win-win for your brand and your customers. 

Wholesale hoodies are cost-effective

Buying your inventory of hoodies wholesale will save your business a ton of money and increase your profit margin. 

Manufacturers and wholesalers sell bulk hoodies at a steep discount. So you can mark up your products and make more money with each sale when you buy in bulk. 

Invest in high-quality wholesale hoodies to make even more of a profit. Most shoppers are willing to pay more for a product they think is of better quality. Therefore, you can charge more if you use a better wholesale hoodie. 

Buying wholesale also saves you money on shipping. Large bulk orders often come in one pallet shipment, significantly reducing shipping costs. In addition, many wholesalers will offer free shipping on large bulk orders. 

Streamline your inventory

Any small business knows how hard it is to establish new workflows and protocols. Doing so is nearly impossible when you’re amid a holiday rush. 

Stock up on your supply of wholesale hoodies early to save time and money. By placing your orders ahead, you can establish a relationship with your wholesaler, anticipate sales volume, and set up automated re-orders. 

If your wholesale hoodie inventory runs low during the busy season, you can order more from your trusted wholesaler with one click via their online store.  

Hoodies are a blank canvas

Wholesale hoodies make an excellent canvas for printing and embroidery. You want customer recognition for your emerging brand, and iconic logo and graphic designs are the perfect way to achieve that. 

The hoodie works well for printing because you can customize so many areas. The most popular place for printing on a hoodie is the front above the kangaroo pocket. Add a monochromatic embroidered logo, or go big with a minimalist line design. 

You can also add branding to the back of a hoodie if you want something larger-scale. The front pocket, sleeves, and hood are also creative options. 

In addition, manufacturers design wholesale hoodies with customization in mind. For example, polyblends like sponge fleece and poly-cotton are standard fabrics in wholesale hoodie production. These fabrics have smooth woven fibers, making the surface porous for screen printing, DTG, and sublimation printing. 

Shoppers love custom hoodies

Wholesale hoodie customization isn’t just for small businesses. Shoppers love when brands offer personalized clothing options. 

Personalization is a huge money-maker for small businesses during the holidays because people love giving one-of-a-kind, sentimental gifts. If it fits into your brand’s business plan, offer customized hoodies. 

Use wholesale pullover hoodies as your base for creating unique, personalized gift options for your customers. Whether it’s an embroidered name on the front or a screen printed inside joke on the back, customers will pay a premium for something uniquely theirs. 

However, extend customization offerings to more than just the winter months. According to Forbes, shoppers are doing their holiday shopping early this year to save time and money. So have custom hoodie products on the docket year-round to produce evergreen income. 

When to stock up on wholesale hoodies

Pullover hoodies sell more during colder months for obvious reasons. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stock up on wholesale hoodies during the warmer months. 

Although hoodies sell year-round, only a few shoppers think about this cozy outerwear staple during summer. As a result, wholesalers often offer discounts on their wholesale hoodies to get their stock off the shelves. 

The Motley Fool suggests putting a reminder in your calendar for when to place your advanced bulk orders. Putting off your bulk ordering for holiday inventory will leave you scrambling to catch up when November rolls around. If you don’t plan, you’ll pay more for a wholesale product that wasn’t your first choice. 

The hoodie’s design has been the same since its invention, so you can keep an inventory for months without worrying about it becoming outdated and unsellable. By planning your inventory list a few months ahead, your brand can score a great deal on high-quality hoodies and be ahead of the curve for the busy season.   

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