Piaget Watches And Its Iconic Partners

by Lalithaa

Piaget’s Watches began with nothing and progressed to everything. With further outstanding movements representing their Company’s goal and vision, the Company rose to greater heights from tiny ambitions but with great enthusiasm. There are many other watchmaking companies, but they cannot overlook Piaget’s long history of watchmaking expertise. 

Since the beginning of the Company in 1872, they have continually developed in the field of watchmaking. Piaget specifies various memorable activities that he developed and improved with age. The trusted manufacturer makes certain that superb quality watches are produced so that consumers and business partners do not have horrible feedback with their masterpiece.

In this article, we listed some of the well-known icons all around the world that invested and lived a happy life with Piaget Watches. Also, some of the Company’s information for you to look into and decide in investing with Piaget Watches.

Bringing Confidence Towards The Red Carpet With Piaget’s Timepieces

Piaget timepieces, in particular, are an excellent choice for any special event because they are a well-known manufacturer. The Piaget men’s wristwatch series has a skeletonized and tourbillon mechanism. Each Piaget Watch displays the details of their workmanship and is appropriate for events requiring elegance.

The Piaget watches for women, on the contrary, conveys the charm of luxurious standardized style. Its Limelight Gala series of timepieces is appropriate for wearing because of its distinctive contours, uniqueness, and valuable gemstones. It’s a wristwatch that shimmers and sparkles brightly with each movement of the wearer. 

Clients and investors may also try the Possession series, which features a finely designed spinning diamond-encrusted bezel and is suitable for casual to special events. Indeed Piaget takes class to the next level.

Iconic Piaget Watches Collectors

Many famous celebrities and stars are using and collecting Piaget Watches. There has never been a bad comment from them. Piaget made sure that those icons will be happy with their investments.

The One And Only Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men, a famous music group, entered the stage at the 2020 Grammys wearing trendy red suits and wearing a Piaget Emperador tourbillon timepiece, Altiplano ultra-thin watch, and a Piaget Polo rose gold diamond wristwatch. As a dedication to Kobe Bryant, they sang “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” featuring Alicia Keys.

All of the Piaget timepieces they chose were from three main watch series, highlighting Piaget’s longstanding experience of intricacy and innovation. They gave positive feedback about their experience with Piaget Watches, and indeed they really love it.

The All-Time Crowd Favorite Tom “Spider-man” Holland

Tom Holland, the legendary “Spider-Man” blockbuster superstar, wore a beautiful Altiplano Skeleton timepiece, which is part of the ultra-thin and self-winding mechanism, to the 2018 Oscars red carpet. The Altiplano Skeleton timepiece is also part of Piaget’s limited edition Altiplano collections. Tom Holland wears this beautiful white gold skeleton chronograph with a sophisticated dark suit and bow tie attire.

The Famous Leading Man Oscar Isaac

Another well-known Hollywood actor, Oscar Isaac, started wearing a Piaget men’s timepiece at the 2018 Academy Awards. The “Star Wars” star was seen sporting a Piaget Polo S Automatic chronograph with an exquisite grey dial while awarding the prizes.

The Piaget Polo S Automatic timepiece sports a 42mm steel casing with a folding clasp and Guilloché dials, as well as a self-winding linear motion. This vintage Piaget wristwatch style demonstrates that maturity and quality are both components of a watch’s aesthetics.

Piaget’s International Ambassador: Michael B. Jordan

Micheal B. Jordan, as an International Brand Ambassador for Piaget, displayed his series of Piaget timepieces during the 2019 Annual Golden Globes Awards and the 2019 Oscars red carpet. In addition, he is wearing a Piaget Polo tourbillon diamond chronograph on the red carpet at the 76th Annual Golden Globes Awards.

Moreover, The actor of the movie “Black Panther” wore a Piaget Polo white gold tourbillon timepiece studded with diamonds to the 2019 Oscars red carpet. This handsome star manages to enchant the red carpet with Piaget’s aesthetically pleasing range of tourbillon timepieces.


People always look for a watch that matches their social and economical status preferences when selecting the perfect watch to invest in. Piaget Watches provides the greatest watches on the market, with a wide range of models to select from. In addition, the Company guarantees that its works of art are constructed of superb-quality components and have a rich and sophisticated appearance. 

The several wristwatch designs offered by Piaget Watches demonstrate the Company’s preeminence in the field of craftsmanship. With an outstanding history and long-term experience towards watchmaking, Piaget has a bunch of reasons why you should buy Piaget’s collection of timepieces. So try Piaget Watches now and experience what it can offer you.

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