How to make yourself a better candidate for employers

by Lalithaa

How to make yourself a better candidate for employers

With unemployment rates so high and there being so few jobs available thanks to struggling businesses due to the pandemic, you really have to sell yourself hard even to get an interview. However, should you be lucky enough to get an interview, do not be too hard on yourself if the job offer is not forthcoming, not everything goes perfectly the first time, and take into account that if you were not a good fit with that business, then that business was probably not a good fit for you.

To help you stand out, here are a few things you can do to make yourself a better candidate for businesses and employers.

Additional learning

It is important that you show your potential employers that you mean business and that you are not afraid of learning new roles or gaining more qualifications to benefit their business, as well as propelling yourself forward for other opportunities.

In order to do this, and the easiest way too, is to always keep learning. Now, this does not mean to say that you must become a full-time student and then try to fit work around your studies, but aim more from the other side, and be a full-time or part-time employee and fit your studies around your job.

There are plenty of courses and learning opportunities available in order for you to do this, and some that allow you to learn cloud computing can actually help and benefit you in getting a job role within the IT department any business in any sector, as the majority of businesses store their data on their own cloud system.  Cloud computing is an ever-expanding industry that is evolving all the time. It has so much potential and so many paths in which to specialize. It is a really good opportunity, and it will open up so many doors for you.

Preparing your resume 

It is imperative that your resume stands out and yet looks totally professional if you even want to make it onto the shortlist for a potential interview. With so many applicants going for the same job role, employers are able to totally scrutinize each resume for relevance and desirability. If your resume is seen to be lacking in any way, the chances are that you are just going to be pushed to the side while others fill the interview slots.

It is important that your resume is clear and precise, try not to clutter it with too much information but use bullet points where possible to get your experience and qualifications across. When preparing your resume, have a specific job role in mind. This may mean doing a few versions of your resume for different job applications, but it could get you that interview that leads to your new career.

Impress with punctuality

When you get your interview, it is important that you turn up in good time to attend it rather than running through the doors just in time or, even worst, being late.

A good idea is to work out the route you are going to take on the day and do a dry run to make sure that you have your timings right and so you know where it is you are going on the day, so you do not turn up flustered, out of breath or frustrated in any way.

It is polite to turn up for your interview around 15 minutes early. In doing this, if there is any paperwork such as visitor book that you have to fill in or any security checks which are required to be carried out, or if there is a queue at the reception desk, you stand a chance of still being on time while looking calm and relaxed, even if you really are not feeling it inside.

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