Effective ‘old school’ marketing techniques that are often overlooked in the digital age

by Lalithaa

Modern marketing has so much going for it. There are a large number of platforms for you to advertise on, no shortage of data to target and re-target interested people and hone down your target market, and the ability to turn campaigns on and off at the touch of a button if your need to.

However, as the internet has become the go-to way to attract new customers, it seems that some of the older ways of getting the attention of possible customers have been forgotten or discarded in favor of yet another social media campaign. In reality, the methods you might consider old-school are in no way past their sell-by dates and are still being used to boost sales, whether it is individuals or businesses that are being targeted.

Printed media

This was one of the first casualties of internet marketing but has seen a resurgence in recent times, as the public, and particularly businesses, are paying more attention to what arrives in their postbox and far less to what arrives in their inbox. The same goes for leaflets and flyers that can be seen on walls and posts as people sit in traffic on the way to the very businesses you might be selling to.

You don’t have to hire out huge billboards (although many a billion-dollar movie has proven that can be very effective), but anything that you can get in front of people when they would far rather be doing something else is likely to attract some attention.


Once the bane of many lives, this medium was effectively demonized due to the types of companies that misused it repeatedly. However, effective, targeted, B2B telesales carried out by reputable companies can get your message over to potential customers in the right way.

Talking to another human being on the phone with who you can build a relationship with and getting real-time answers to your questions can do a far better job in the right circumstances than any number of online video presentations and FAQ pages.

Radio and TV

Radio and TV used to be the biggest source of new customers in years gone by, but like the other methods mentioned above, they have fallen out of favor slightly as companies have concentrated their efforts online. However, especially if you are targeting local businesses and you are not using local TV and radio stations as part of your strategy, you are almost certainly missing a trick and a very big one as well. Many people listen to the radio on their commute to work, so it has the same if not more appeal as the posters they pass.

To wrap things up

Many businesses may have forgotten that the widespread use of the internet does not mean that people have stopped using everything else. Printed media, radio advertising, and particularly telesales still have plenty of potentials to be successful when used effectively alongside your digital marketing efforts and might be a far cheaper option than you may have realized. 


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