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Five Ways E-commerce Retailers Can Engage Customers By Using SEO on Mobile Devices

Today’s consumers rarely put down their smartphones due to the wide range of activities and apps that the phones offer. As consumers increasingly do their shopping online, e-commerce retailers need to take steps to engage their customers

Site Spring Cleaning: the Basics of a Solid Website Audit

  Having a website that is search engine friendly and allows for successful organic searches without any barriers is critical to the success of any website and maintaining growth; that’s why website audits and reviews should be done

4 Ways to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Fresh with Periodic Posts

As your company moves forward with its content strategy, you have to maintain your digital presence on social media accounts. Too often, a company’s focus can become lopsided, with employees focusing too much on blog content and

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Mechanical and Electrical Systems

If your business runs on machines, you already know how important it is that these machines never stop working. Not only can downtime result in a loss of customers and sales, but it can also set you

How to Get a liquor license in Texas

If you are looking to open a bar, restaurant or liquor store in Texas, one of your most significant challenges will be obtaining a liquor license, also known as a “TABC license.” While it is possible to