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Warangal: Of ancient temples, relics, and breathtaking nature

The cultural capital of the state of Telangana, the city of Warangal boasts a history that dates back to the ruling dynasties of the 3rd century. A kingdom of kings and queens, the civilization served as the

How to Start SIP with IIFL Mutual Funds

SIP, also called Systematic Investment Plan, is a process based on the procedure of the investor making small, regular investments (monthly or quarterly), instead of the whole payment being done at once. The structure of SIP offers

Top 5 Tips for Outsourcing from China

Looking for outsourcing from China? It may not be that easy to find one. Of course, you may come across a good supplier. But, amidst a host of illegitimate and bad Chinese suppliers who may ruin your

Law Firms adaptability to New Trends in Dubai

If you are new to Dubai and as an expat you might want to know if the law firms in Dubai are adapting to the new trends may it be the new laws, methods or technologies. The

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Effective SEO

Is SEO still a major tool in the game of Internet marketing? It sure is: SEO is far from outmoded. However, the approach has changed. It’s changed so much that people are coming to think of it

Study Shows That Customers Trust Online Reviews

According to the annual BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey, more than 79 percent of customers trust online reviews. Dozens of other studies have reached the same conclusion. There are an increasing number of ways to review products and services

Five Ways E-commerce Retailers Can Engage Customers By Using SEO on Mobile Devices

Today’s consumers rarely put down their smartphones due to the wide range of activities and apps that the phones offer. As consumers increasingly do their shopping online, e-commerce retailers need to take steps to engage their customers