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Benefits of SEO for Real Estate Industry Continue to Grow

According to an article published in Realtor Magazine, online searches for real estate have increased by 253% in recent years. In fact, Realtors report that 99% of their clients who were searching for a home to purchase began their search online.

With numbers such as these, it’s evident that a real estate company’s website has amazing business potential. Understanding the added benefit of applying SEO to your website can dramatically change your traffic and potential for sales.

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What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the use of particular keywords on your website that help visitors find it more easily. For example, if someone is searching for condos in South Beach, you would need to use keywords of that sort in your website so that when someone enters those keywords, your site turns up in the search engine results.

The Kleer Team website demonstrates how the use of certain keywords in critical areas of a real estate firm’s website is a great tactic to bring traffic from buyers who are specifically looking to purchase condos in South Beach, Miami.

Find your niche market

What makes your area special in the real estate world? Are you in a lake community or are you surrounded by mountains?

You can be sure that whatever is in your area that makes your place more attractive will be something that potential buyers will search for online. If you have lake properties, certain keywords that will help people who are searching for a vacation home on a lake will bring those potential buyers to your website.

Be the expert

Search engine optimization can help your customers understand your specialty in the real estate industry. If you specialize in farm sales, for example, employing search keywords on your website about farm land sales will attract interested buyers to your site.

In addition, when they’re searching for a specific type of property such as farm land, potential buyers will conduct a great deal of online research. Using SEO to attract customers to your site for more reasons than just the property itself can help buyers trust you as the expert.

Organic search results

When you search for anything online, the results will show sponsored results, which are basically ads, as well as organic results. Organic search results are closely related to the keywords searched, and are specifically not sponsored ads.

According to Search Engine Watch, organic search engine results are clicked on 94% of the time, as opposed to sponsored ads. SEO can push your website up in the organic search results and bring more visitors to your site.

Traffic is everything

Using SEO in your website strategy is a great way to drive more visitors to your site. The more traffic you have, the more opportunity you have to convert these visitors into buyers.

SEO can also be an essential component in social media marketing for real estate. The Database Ads page has great information on some outside-the-box ways to use SEO in social media for your real estate site.