Benefits of Using Dash Camera for Fleet Management

by Lalithaa

Fleet management can be frustrating without tracking and up-to-date management systems. A reliable tracking system ensures the supply and delivery of goods and services to achieve an unmatched customer experience. 

A well-managed fleet company should monitor each vehicle and have real-time updates for efficiency.  Fleet dash cam with gps is a powerful technological advancement in the management of a transportation company.

 What is a dash camera? 

 A dash camera is installed on a car’s dashboard to capture real-time images. It has become increasingly popular with the police department, fleet management, taxi, and bus drivers. A dashboard camera records every detail on the road in a vehicle’s route. 

Features of advanced dash camera

  • Dual facing- records the journey’s tracks and the vehicle’s interior details.
  • Software integration- allows HD video recording and wide dynamic range capturing for finer details.
  • Event detector- It can come with an in-built accelerometer to detect a collision ten seconds before it happens. An enhanced dash camera can detect hard braking, unusually strong jolts, acceleration, and impact on collision.

 A dash camera and GPS tracking complement each other for more accountability, transparency, and better fleet management.

Advantages of using dash camera with GPS 

  • Provides evidence for accidents

Accidents are bound to happen any day, any time. A dashboard camera provides first-hand information about an accident. It records the evidence of the prevailing circumstances leading to a crash. A dashboard camera typically starts recording the car is started. Therefore, the footage is retrieved to help piece the incident if an accident happens.

At times, traffic police can term a fleet driver as being the one at fault for an accident. However, there are countless counts of traffic violation cases, and a police claim cannot be sufficient evidence. A dash camera’s evidence provides in-depth evidence, allowing insurance agency make compensations appropriately.

  • Captures driver’s indiscipline and incompetency

A dash camera provides evidence of any indiscipline occurrences on the road. A fleet driver who turns a company car into a stunt machine can easily be noticed and necessary action taken against them. Further, a dash camera provides evidence to the fleet management department for drivers with driving gaps. 

The dash camera’s footage can be used as learning points for drivers so the management can plan for refresher driving classes to enhance performance. Some common driving behavior for concern includes over-speeding, speeding less and obeying traffic rules. It makes training more personalized to a driver’s challenges on the road. Further, the fleet company can suggest alternative routes to enhance safety and efficiency. 

  •  Saves on insurance premiums

Most insurance companies demand the installation of tracking devices before providing comprehensive coverage. A dashboard camera is a significant plus and attracts premium pricing. 

Fleet companies incur high insurance costs protecting each vehicle from accidents, theft, fires, and other unfortunate occurrences. Therefore, installing dash cameras on a fleet of cars accumulates massive savings for the firm.

  • Backs up insurance claims

Insurance providers are the least motivated to make compensations when an accident occurs. Insurance fraud can affect claims leading to massive losses and waste of time on court cases. Fleet cars track the road with other vehicles and many careless drivers. 

When an accident happens, the other driver quickly blames the company car. Most drivers see a company car as an opportunity to earn excessive compensation. However, a dash camera provides much-needed evidence for the events leading to the accident. A dash camera prevents a fraudulent claim and protects the fleet driver and company from false allegations.

  • Provides extra evidence

 A dashboard camera records audio and visual evidence of a car’s journey. The traffic police, the insurance agent, and the fleet company’s attorney may require compelling evidence for an accident. The accident witness and traffic driver’s report may not suffice. 

During such instances, providing audio and visual evidence from a dash camera may help to support or dismiss a claim. The dash camera comes with an embedded GPS device. The combination allows for details in speed and location. The dash camera’s data is logged and stored on a solid database retrieved when needed.



  • Monitors staff conduct

A fleet company’s success depends on the drivers. Drivers often leave the engine running, stop frequently, drive a few more extra miles, or become distracted on the journey. However, it is risky to depend on the driver’s honesty and skill to perform efficiently and run a profitable venture.

A dash camera provides insights into the driver’s actions or inaction. It also provides opportunities for carpooling for related fleet vehicles. The latest technological advancement provides dash cameras with live internet connectivity, allowing drivers to communicate with the cabin in real time. 

Some latest dash camera comes with a secret GPS tracking device. The management at the company’s central command post can monitor a vehicle’s journey and stop the car remotely. The GPS can also assist lost drivers in finding their way back on track.

  • Additional functional features

The recent dash camera version comes with many functional features. Some have entertainment services and others have on-road features for enhanced trips. The features save on the need to purchase and install different independent devices. It makes managing the cabin’s activities easy because all features are on the dash cameras.

  • Prevents crime and theft cases

Fleet vehicles often become targets for highway robbery and theft. However, the presence of a dash camera can deter robbery occurrences. Theft incidents thrive on remaining anonymous and mysterious. However, a dash camera captures the images and sounds of any unwanted company in a car. The footage can also provide evidence for investigations. Therefore, installing a dash camera on fleet cars makes work easy for law enforcers. 


A dash camera is a worthwhile investment for fleet companies. Fleet tracking technology such as GPS enhanced with a dash camera provides real-time evidence from the visual and audio recordings captured on the journey. A dash camera is a solid partner for an efficient, profitable fleet management firm.


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