An Exchange to Invest Crypto With: The Top 3 Crypto Exchange Platforms in 2021

by Lalithaa

An Exchange to Invest Crypto With: The Top 3 Crypto Exchange Platforms in 2021

Trading digital currencies has been a major topic across the world in recent years, hence the increasing number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms day by day. Cryptocurrencies, especially the exchange platforms, can be quite intimidating to deal with at first, and even though there are scams in the market today and would still continue to have them, the best crypto exchange platforms of today can make buying, selling, and trading digital currencies much simpler and clearer than it ever was before. To help you get started in choosing the best exchange for you, here are top picks:

  • Coinbase

The first one on our list is Coinbase, and one of the best reasons why people are attracted to this exchange platform is that it makes buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies relatively easy while providing the best security service for you and your funds. Additionally, Coinbase also offers a pro version of its platform called the Coinbase Pro, and it has the same fee structure as the base version, but Coinbase Pro has significantly more options for its users, especially when it comes to charts and indicators.

Furthermore, Coinbase also has flexible options when it comes to choosing the best crypto coin to invest in or trade with a variety of altcoin choices. Coinbase, in general, has a high liquidity rate and its user interface is relatively simple and easy to use overall. However, one major factor about Coinbase, which can also be a potential letdown, is the fact that the platform doesn’t give its users complete control of the wallet keys; the platform owns the private keys to the coins.

  • Bitcoin Loophole

Our second pick for the top digital currency platforms in the market today is Bitcoin Loophole, as it encourages new and experienced investors to start trading with the platforms. In essence, Bitcoin Loophole is an advanced exchange platform that connects its users with leaders in crypto trading to keep cryptocurrencies at your grasps. Furthermore, you can utilise the platform’s unmatched peer-to-peer technology and significantly increase the capital as you buy, sell, trade, and manage your cryptocurrencies within minutes.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Loophole offers its clients no hidden fees and world-class security to keep their minds at peace. With the platform’s relatively easy management feature, your digital currency assets can be utilised due to its easy and simple user interface, not to mention having an advanced data encryption technology that provides clients with complete privacy to their personal data. Bitcoin Loophole never goes to sleep as it offers you an around-the-clock trading service.

  • Cash App

Last but not least is a crypto exchange platform called Cash App, and the reason why it’s included in our top picks for a cryptocurrency exchange is that it’s easy to use and provides flexible options to withdraw funds to other digital wallets. Cash App is like Venmo, and it provides services to users in splitting food bills, rent payments, or online shopping with retailers that support Cash App. Basically, the platform can act as a bank account, and users of the platform can create their own debit cards with Cash App.

Furthermore, the major advantages, in general, about Cash App includes its sophisticated peer-to-peer money transfer system and the ability to withdraw Bitcoin with ease, not to mention having an extremely simple user interface. However, there are disadvantages when utilising Cash App, and it includes the fact that the exchange only supports one major crypto, Bitcoin, and it charges its users every time they send money through credit or debit cards. Also, the platforms have weekly and daily withdrawal limits, which can be a major letdown to some traders and investors.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for you, there are many things to consider, but the best thing you can do is do your research. You can also compare and contrast various crypto exchanges to determine which one is the best one for you that can satisfy all of your individual needs.

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