Three Resources You Will Need After an Arrest

by Lalithaa

People are arrested at a higher frequency than you think. In fact, according to 2017 FBI statistics, there were around 10,554,985 arrests around the country. No matter the type of arrest or the charges, you are entitled to a phone call to acquire necessary resources. Learn more about the most helpful people you can call after being arrested so you can prepare ahead of time.

Legal Representation

Three Resources You Will Need After an Arrest

The most useful resource at your disposal is legal representation. Everyone who is arrested has the right to an attorney that will represent them and protect their other rights. After an arrest, you have the right to remain silent and speak only to your lawyer. Make sure to contact your lawyer immediately and speak to only him or her. If you cannot hire one, you will be provided a public defender free of charge.

Bail Bondsman

Most people are unable to afford bail. Consider hiring a bondsman denver county co to make the process go faster and pay the fee easier. Also known as a bail bond agent, this individual will post the full amount of bail the judge will determine. This step speeds up the legal process and ensures you are bound to make the required court appearance. Choose a bail bond agency and inform your loved ones ahead of time so they can secure the bond on your behalf.

Family or Friends

Another useful resource during the arrest is a trusted family member or a close friend. You may call them to make necessary arrangements, including taking care of children, gathering finances and securing a bail bond. It is helpful to discuss a plan with the trusted people in your life in case one of you is detained.

An arrest is a delicate situation where you must stay careful to protect your rights and succeed with the case. Take advantage of everything these resources have to offer.

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