3 Facts About University Accreditation

by Lalithaa

You may not think about whether your school is accredited, but it’s actually an important thing to know. Here are three facts about university accreditation.

1. Always Check a School’s Accreditation Status

You should make sure the school you want to attend is accredited. Schools that are not accredited may not offer education in line with standards of quality or may offer illegitimate programs. There are two main ways you can check a school’s accreditation status: contacting the school and searching online. For example, you could search for the Grand Canyon University accreditation status in an accreditation database or contact the university’s officials.

2. Accreditation Agencies Provide Quality Assurance

Accreditation is voluntary, but it comes with many benefits. Accredited schools have proof that their programs offer quality education and training and students benefit from programs and schools that have good reputations and access to funding. Accreditation depends on various factors, and an official may choose to seek accreditation for the entire school or for specific programs offered by the school. For example, at Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals might need to review the institution as a whole and each of its programs to ensure the overall quality of the education the school provides.

3. The Accreditation Process Is Two-Fold

There are two main parts of the accreditation process. One is the review conducted by an outside accreditation agency. Accreditation professionals are impartial and conduct their reviews based on national or regional standards. The other part is a self-evaluation conducted by the school, showing how well the school’s officials think they meet accreditation standards.

Accreditation is a vital aspect of university education. If you attend an accredited school, you can be sure your education is high quality and you shouldn’t need to worry about qualifying for certifications or post-graduate education in the future.

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