15 Instagram Reel Ideas To Post Now

by Lalithaa

Instagram has unquestionably become a game-changer for brands and influencers to showcase their talent to their viewers. The platform offers small, medium, and large businesses a real chance at displaying their rawer and much more authentic sides to their prospective customers. The Instagram ‘reels’ feature is one such element that has made Instagram marketing quite a catch. Many influencers have managed to get more reels likes on EarthWeb. That being said, marketers are often confused as to what type of reels they should make to lure their target audience into investing in their brands. Here is a curated list of 15 Instagram reel ideas to help you create eye-catching and engaging reels for attracting your customers. 

  1. Introduce Your Brand 

One of the most promising Instagram reels ideas that you can make use of is a reel wherein you introduce your brand. This is a great way of sharing your brand story and letting your prospective customers know what you are all about. It is an excellent way to create inspiration among thousands of viewers and can potentially lure your audience into listening to what you have to say. Brands must learn how to stay connected with their potential viewers to stay more engaged and simultaneously gain more followers. Introducing your brand through reels is a good place to start. 

  1. Show a ‘Rawer’ Side of Your Brand 

Audiences love it when you can stay true to yourself and show them a much more vulnerable side of your brand. Everybody likes to feel involved and there’s no better way of making your audience feel involved than showing a very raw side of your brand to them. This can not only promote customer engagement but can also build loyalty among your viewers. A small and simple video of Instagram v.s reality or behind-the-scenes clips is quite the idea you want to consider for your next reel. Sharing content that can touch the hearts of your viewers is the way to build a larger and much more long-term customer base. 

  1. BTS Clips 

As previously stated, a behind-the-scenes reel is an excellent idea that you can use to feel more connected with your customers. BTS reels can be anything about the entire process of making and launching a video to bloopers of how your product was made. Editing tools like InVideo make it easy for users to create some of the most engrossing, eye-catching, and authentic behind-the-scenes videos that you can show to your viewers. You want to try showing an unedited side of your brand to your prospective customers so that they can really try to understand and connect with your brand. 

  1. Tips and Tricks 

Another fun-loving reel idea that you can make use of is a tips and tricks reel. Customer engagement is a quintessential aspect of successful marketing and ultimately boosting sales. If you can offer essential tips and tricks for your respective brand, you can increase brand engagement and also generate leads. This sort of video is apt for every other industry. Content incorporating tips, tricks, and other informative factors is quite valuable as you are being more approachable to your audience. This can thus help you lure a larger customer base for your brand. 

  1. Before and After Videos 

Before and After Videos are considered to be great sources of inspiration for your brand. Creating such reels can help impact customer engagement. You can make these types of videos based on anything conserving your brand. It is always a good idea to make your videos as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

  1. Sneek Peek’s 

Sneek Peek Clips are quite the catch when you want to give your customers a glimpse into what your new product may be. It is an amazing way to generate a sense of curiosity among your customers. Sneek Peek videos captivate your customers to stay hooked to your Instagram feed and simultaneously boost customer service engagement. Many famous brands collaborate with relevant influencers to advertise their products and services to a larger audience. A tip to creating Sneek Peek clips is to promote giveaways. 

  1. Do Instagram Challenges 

A common yet promising way to stay relevant on Instagram is to become Instagram fluent. There’s no better way of doing this than performing Instagram challenges. Brands can follow the traditional way and do trending challenges in the form of reels. Over a million people take part in performing Instagram challenges regularly. This is an exceptional marketing strategy to not only stay relevant but stay at the top of trending subjects. Make sure to do the challenge in a much more unique way to stand out. 

  1. D.I.Y Projects

Instagram reels based on a DIY theme can help you create videos that can help your viewers understand how your product is made. Viewers generally are fascinated to learn more about how your products are manufactured. Thus, giving a glimpse into how your product is made is a great way to grab the attention of your viewers. This can further be a useful element for your brand’s success. 

  1. Rework on Your Older Content 

Reworking your evergreen content is another amazing reel idea that you should check out. If in case you have some drafts stored in your account, it’s time to rework them and make them a bit more attractive. Restructuring your old content into much more enhanced and newer content is not only time-conserving but can also help you connect with your customers. Moreover, it can give your customers a chance to relearn more about your company and your offerings. 

  1. Create Travel Reels 

Travel reels can never go out of trend. A great way to make powerful and impactful reels is to create travel videos. These reels can involve suggestions of different travel destinations or even traveling tips. Instagram reels are quite happening on the internet and nobody wants to miss out on them. Give your viewers the experience of feeling like they are going wherever you are. Travel reels are excellent to stay relevant and make your audience feel involved. 

  1. Keep up with the Trends 

Instagram trends tend to alter every few days. Brands must make sure to keep up with different trends on Instagram to ensure that they come up with only the most high-quality and attractive content for their viewers. Create reels on what’s trending across the globe to ensure that you offer something different on the plate. 

  1. Informative Reels 

A prominent way of ensuring customer engagement is to create informative reels of your products for your customers. A new feature known as ‘shopping’ on Instagram is just what brands should be keeping an eye out for. This feature allows you to create reels based on what type of products your brand is manufacturing, the features of the products, and other such factors. Brands can further tag all their products in their respective reels to increase sales. 

  1. Day-in-the-Life Reel 

A day-in-the-life is a very common and popular type of reel that you can make. This sort of video can help your followers get to know you more and also learn more about how your day goes by. This is quite similar to Behind-the-scenes videos but showcases a much rawer version of your brand to your viewers. It is always a good idea to show your viewers your everyday routine. 

  1. Reels Answering FAQ’s 

Another excellent way to boost engagement is to answer your followers’ questions. Customer engagement is deeply linked with boosting sales and expanding your customer base. It moreover helps your customers feel acknowledged. Your viewers may have tons of questions about your products and services. Creating a reel to address these FAQs can help you connect much better with your customers. 

  1. Community and Spotlight 

Last but not least, community and employee spotlight refers to creating reels compiling different posts published by your customers. Make a reel of all the posts your customers may have published of your brand. User-generated content is one of the greatest elements that you can leverage to increase your brand’s credibility. 

Bottom Line 

Instagram is a powerful source of social media that brands can use for advertising their products and services. These are some of the most popular and useful Instagram reel ideas that you can use to generate leads, boost sales, and ultimately attain optimal success. Don’t forget to add a little aesthetic touch to your reels to leave quite an impression on your viewers.


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