What Is A Wireless Charger And How It Works ?

Smartphones are now a part of life, no one can think of a minute of their life without a smartphone. Despite huge battery backup, most of the phones do not last for a day with normal usage. Although most of them come with a fast charging option but making time for charging is difficult with our busy schedule. You might have seen ads based on wireless chargers, but have you ever tried to figure out how this technology actually works? Today we will be sharing the basic concepts behind this technology.

People think that a device can be charged without chords, but this is not entirely true. Chords are required to provide power to the transmitter. The concept of wireless charging is totally based on the principle of magnetic resonance. It is the process of transferring electrical current between two objects through the use of coils to induce an electric field. In short, they use magnetism to transmit energy. You place your device on a wireless charger. The current flowing from the power outlet moves through the wire in the wireless charger, which creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field creates a current in the coil inside the smartphone or any gadget which is on the wireless charger. Now this magnetic energy is converted to electrical energy which is used to charge the battery of any gadget which has the appropriate hardware installed into it.

What Is A Wireless Charger And How It Works

With some good features like wireless charging, charging multiple devices at the same time using a single charging station has some disadvantages too.

  • Slower Charging – Due to lower efficiency it takes a long time to charge a device.
  • Yes, it is expensive. But experts are trying to launch a product like this at a very reasonable price so that everyone can have an access to this new and helpful technology.
  • All devices are not compatible with this new technology of wireless charging.

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