What to do with your Crypto ?

by Lalithaa

Cryptocurrency has grown exponentially, with many millennials rushing to invest heavily in them despite the high volatility risks. However, they hold high potential to revolutionize the world markets, as discussed below.  


The crypto-based games have been on the rise, fueled by speedy and reliable internet. You can play on BHC casinos from anywhere and unlock a stream of incredible games, and a safer gaming environment.

Get coffee at Starbucks

If you can hardly get by a day without at least a cup of coffee, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now get it from any Starbucks outlet with your BHC. The widespread Franchise has partnered with iPayYou, the Bitcoin wallet through which customers using the Starbucks app can pay for any item on their menu


Travel agents like AirBaltic and Expedia have incorporated cryptocurrency in their systems, allowing travelers to book their flights and secure car rentals.

The spaceflight company, Virgin Galactic, announced that it was accepting Bitcoin in 2013 as a payment method for booking space travels, though operations are yet to commence.

Buy a tesla car

According to Elon Musk, Telsa will soon start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their products, making it the most significant automotive maker to do so. Some dealers of top-notch cars, such as Lamborgini, also allow the use of digital currency.  

Pay your hospital bill

Whether sick or just seeking a general medical examination, there are several hospitals and clinics in the US where you can access medical care with your digital coins.  .

Transfer money

The cryptocurrency payment system is peer-to-peer enabled, meaning a transfer of funds between users is instant and does not require the approval of any third parties. It is one of the popular uses, having zero costs and a short lead time.    

Vacation in lavish hotels and at the beach

Fine dining is a dream for most people. Well, with a Bitcoin in your e-wallet, you can enjoy a high-end experience in several five-star hotels around the globe like the Sri Panwa Phuket, the Pavilions hotels and resorts, the Dolder Grand hotel, the S hotels and resorts, and the Kessler collection.

The village of El Zonte, in San Salvador allows the villagers and visitors to use Bitcoin as a payment method for all their utilities. Thanks to the innovation, you can enjoy a fantastic relaxed surf in the warm waters.

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