What To Do When Your Website Goes Down


It’s the middle of a random work day and everyone is trucking along in their work. Suddenly, someone yells, “the website is down!” and it’s a mad scramble to figure out what is going on. If you run an internet company, downtime – the amount of time your website is not available – can be crippling to an organization. Many large corporations pay for redundant internet (two or three internet providers) to ensure they don’t lose connection. But the problem can stem from many areas of operation, not just the internet.

What To Do When Your Website Goes Down

When your website goes down, it’s important to understand what has caused the disruption. The first line of defence is to always check the internet connection(s). If the internet is down, you’ll need to call your service provider who will likely be able to give you an estimated time for service to be returned. While you are waiting for the internet to come back up, have someone draft a note to place on your website when it is back up and running. You want to assure your customers that the outage was temporary and that it has been fixed.

If your website has gone down and the problem is not the internet, you’ll need to get your developers online quickly to see what the problem actually is. If you run an online business alone, you might to have find an expert to help you. Every minute that passes is a missed opportunity for a sale or a connection with a customer. There are lots of companies that help small businesses with SEO in Toronto, web design, hosting and more. Experts can help you identify issues with your website.

If you have a scheduled maintenance of your website coming up, be sure to leave a note on your website or send out an email to all of your customers telling them the website is down for routine maintenance. This is very common and most people don’t mind at all. But when an unscheduled outage happens, panic can set in very quickly. It’s especially embarrassing when you hear from a customer who tells you the website is down. You’ll want to keep an eye on your uptime on a regular basis to watch for patterns in disruptions.

Companies move to different cities because some cities have better internet connections than others. For example, on the east coast of Canada, Nova Scotia has a solid internet connection and direct under-the-ocean connection to Europe. It’s cheap to live there, there are low business taxes, and pay rates are much lower than they are in the rest of Canada. It’s the perfect place to start or move a business if you need incredible internet services.

The most important thing about running a website is to understand that outages are going to happen. The internet is far from perfect and with so much activity happening on a regular basis, there are bound to be glitches from time to time. It’s amazing there aren’t more, actually. So don’t panic when your website goes down, get in touch with the experts and solve the problem as soon as you can. Your customers will understand if you are open and honest about the issues right from the start.