What life lessons can be learned from a global pandemic ?

by Lalithaa


The COVID-19 epidemic has affected every person on the earth since March 2020 in some form. There’s been a sense that this era has allowed us to examine our lives and focus on what’s actually essential despite the difficulties and hardships we’ve faced. Then, it could be that we’ve learned something.

A global pandemic can teach us the following lessons: 

The place you call home should be a place of that feels safe  

Make your home a place you look forward to coming back to, no matter what is going on outside. Your home should be a place where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the little things in life. You should feel safe at your home and want to spend time there. It should be a place that makes you feel good and happy. 

We are all interconnected 

If we want to succeed, each of us must play a part in that effort, regardless of how we feel about it. During lockdowns and COVID surges, the phrase “vital workers” became a catchphrase. Workers in the grocery store, trucking, manufacturing, public service, and education sectors all play an important role in our lives, and we don’t take them for granted. We all suffer when one aspect of the system fails. We all need to work together and find ways to be charitable for the greater benefit.  

Education is the best long-term investment 

New educational solutions are urgently needed in poor countries because of COVID-19’s exposure of flaws in their educational institutions. Increased education financing and the development of effective ways to protect education from future crises are both urgently required. Many students around the world have benefited from the rapid shift to virtual classrooms, while those who live in poverty or in locations without enough technology infrastructure have suffered. Consequently, to ensure that the technology revolution leaves behind no youngster, future educational equality must be properly monitored. 

It’s time to act now! 

If you really want to do something, make it happen now. Don’t push it off any longer. Never underestimate the power of chance because you never know what can happen from one minute to the next. Don’t delay if you genuinely want to achieve your goals.  

Take care of yourself first and foremost 

A person’s health and well-being are inseparable and are crucial for you to be able to live life to the fullest. While everyone has someone else to take care of, and it could be a child, parent, friend or spouse, if you are not in a physically and emotionally good place, it will be very hard to help someone else. Make sure to not take your health for granted and take care of your self so you can help your loved ones.  

Clean air and climate change are worldwide issues 

During the first pandemic-induced lockdown, there were huge changes in the amount of pollution. People were driving less, factories were either shut down or working at minimum capacity, flights were significantly reduced and we saw a significant change. There are tons of issues around clean air and climate changes where people can actively make a difference. All humanity needs to unite and figure out a better plan to help the environment.  

Life requires adaptability 

Planning is beneficial. Goals are a fantastic thing. The key to success, though, is flexibility. A lot of your plans will go awry and most of your dreams will never come to fruition in the way you had hoped. So, what are your plans now? The answer is simple: adaptability and flexibility is the key. And now because of Corona,  we know that we can be flexible and adaptive. In the last year, we learned a lot of “things.” We should be proud of this, and we should show it out. We’ve made it this far. After all, we’ve learned: We’ll get through this even if we need to change or adapt our plans. 

The children are watching and learning 

There are few lessons that are more significant than this one. As parents, our children are constantly watching us and learning from what we do. We set the stage to show them how to react to bad news, how to behave under stress and how to talk when you are angry and upset. Your children’s reactions to life’s ups and downs are heavily influenced by how you deal with adversity. It’s a really important lesson that we can impart to children. When it comes to our children, COVID is just the beginning. Their greatest teacher in life’s problems is you, their mother or father. You’ll never forget this lesson: we teach our children how to deal with difficult situations.

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