What is Noise Pollution and How Can it Be Reduced ?

by Lalithaa

Noise pollution is an issue that many people across the world today face. In fact, it has been a matter of debate and discussion for years. What is noise pollution, and how can it be reduced in the home? Here are some factors you should consider when reducing or getting rid of noise pollution in your home.

First, consider the purpose you have set for your home

The first factor you should consider when looking into noise pollution at home is the purpose of your house. What do you intend to do there? Are you using it as an office or a living room? What to expect in reducing noise pollution in your home? What are the main characteristics of a noisy house?

For example, a house that is being used as an office may be dealing with some form of external noise pollution due to traffic or some other source. You should expect that the quality of the office noise will be much different than the noise pollution at home. You should also consider the amount of noise pollution at home by analysing your current room configuration. If you have neighbours, you should consider how to minimise the noise they generate.

Know how much noise is generated in your home appliances

What to expect in reducing noise pollution at home depends on how much noise is generated within your home. What we usually mean here is the volume of the noise that your appliance generates. Some appliances produce very little noise while others can generate more. In reducing noise pollution at home, what is expected is the average level of noise, not the total volume of noise.

Air conditioning is one source of noise pollution at home. Air conditioning systems are normally set at a high-efficiency level. This means that the air conditioner is taking up less space than traditional refrigerators. The efficiency level of air conditioning means that more power is consumed to cool the same volume of air. What to expect in reducing noise pollution from air conditioning is to reduce the overall volume of air entering the system.

What to expect in reducing noise pollution from TV’s, stereo systems, and other electronics is the substitution of regular sources of music with the use of music players or DVDs. Since most electronic appliances are set up to generate louder output, replacing the source of music with the volume of a DVD player or listening to music through headphones provides a way of cutting back the noise. What to expect in reducing noise pollution from TV’s is to turn off the volume before turning off the television set. What to expect in reducing noise pollution from stereo systems is to lower the volume when watching television rather than trying to turn down the speakers when the volume is set to its maximum.

In reducing noise pollution from computers, turn the speakers of the computer down when in use and keep the volume low when not using the computer. In reducing noise pollution from cellular phones, turn the volume down on the ringtone option of the phone and keep the phone turned off when it is not in use. You can also reduce noise pollution from headphones by placing them on vibrating stands and keeping them inside when not in use. Make sure to also visit ThatSoundsBetter.co.uk to help you find out more about what you can do to reduce noise in your home. 

You should consider reducing noise from your vehicles

What to expect in reducing noise pollution from vehicles is to avoid unnecessary noises such as stereo system sounds, truck noises and motorcycle noises at night. What to expect in reducing noise pollution from offices is to reduce the number of employees who leave the workplace through spontaneous breaks. What to expect in reducing noise pollution from office furniture is to store office supplies in a central location and to keep them out of sight of employees. What to expect in reducing noise pollution in our homes is to maintain the general state of the noise insulation of our house. Which is to keep our appliances, curtain, and carpets in good shape and do the best we can to minimise the number of visitors we have.


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