what is CPNJ 16727230000197 ?

by Lalithaa

The CNPJ 16.727.230/0001-97 belongs to the Fundo do Regime Geral de Previdência Social (FRGPS), which is the Brazilian government’s social security fund. The FRGPS is responsible for providing retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to Brazilian citizens.

CPNJ 16727230000197

The FRGPS is funded by contributions from employers and employees. The contribution rate is 20% of the employee’s gross salary. The employer pays 8% of the contribution and the employee pays 12%.

The FRGPS is a major source of revenue for the Brazilian government. In 2021, the fund paid out over R$ 800 billion in benefits.

The CNPJ 16.727.230/0001-97 is used by the FRGPS to identify itself to the Receita Federal do Brasil (RFB), which is the Brazilian tax authority. The RFB uses this information to track the financial transactions of the FRGPS and to ensure that the fund is properly funded.

If you see the CNPJ 16.727.230/0001-97 on a document, it is likely that the document is related to the FRGPS. This could be a retirement benefit statement, a disability benefit statement, or a survivor benefit statement.

CPNJ 16727230000197

Informações de Registro :

CNPJ: 16.727.230/0001-97 – 16727230000197

Razão Social: Fundo do Regime Geral de Previdencia Social

Nome Fantasia: Fgrps

Address :
Fgrps Fundo do Regime Geral de Previdencia Social
Setor De Autarquias Sul S/N Quadra02 Bloco O Andar 6
Asa Sul
Brasília DF

Contact :
E-mail: [email protected]

Telefone(s):  (61) 3313-4509

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