What Is Bitcoin’s Value Over Time?

by Lalithaa

What Is Bitcoin’s Value Over Time?

There is a lot that has happened since 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced to the market. It started at merely nothing, $0.90, which is a price that was considered worthless to invest in. However, some believed in the system and invested. 

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a guy who goes by the code name Satoshi Nakamoto. His creation has shown a lot of improvement, reaching a surprising value of $64,000, which is higher than anyone initially expected. We must admit that the road to Bitcoin’s high value has not been an easy one. To learn more, read along to find out what Bitcoin’s value over time has been.

Let’s Start in 2009–2012

Back in 2009, when Bitcoin was first introduced to the public, the price was close to nothing. During those times, most people were unaware of digital currency, and it would take them close to two years to discover the concept. Maybe you have heard the story about the world’s most expensive pizza that cost over 10,000 BTC. Yes, you heard it right; it was 10,000 BTC, a value that is now worth many millions. Back in 2009, a Bitcoin investor decided to buy 2 pizzas using his BTC coins. This was the first-ever commercial cryptocurrency transaction, and following that, Bitcoin’s value over time went up to $29.70 in April of 2011. 

This was good news for new Bitcoin investors since they started seeing hopeful signs for the future. However, after a few months of celebration, the price dropped to $2.50. Then, it later rose to $13.50 in 2012. Bitcoin’s value over time is a very broad topic, and we cannot cover every detail. But if you are interested in learning additional details, you can find more information here.

Bitcoin’s Value Over Time in 2013–2019

Bitcoin’s value over time started to increase substantially. For instance, in 2013 it grew to a surprising $770.00. This amazed many. However, as the year ended, the value dropped to $378.68 due to various factors, such as China banning Bitcoin. This led to a loss of up to 50%. Many thought this was the end of Bitcoin’s value over time, but as time passed, it rose again and reached a value of $682.60 in December of 2014. It later dropped to $315.58 in 2015. 

From 2016 to 2019, the value continued to increase until it reached a price of $1945.56, a value that had never been recorded. At this point, many people started to pay attention to Bitcoin’s value. Even government officials started asking questions.

Bitcoin’s Value Over Time in Recent Years 

2020 started as a wonderful year for Bitcoin since it hit a value of $10,000. But as months passed and the pandemic struck most countries, the value decreased to $4,000, which left too many questions unanswered. Many people during this time were hopeful but unsure whether they should continue investing in this asset or shift to another. But after a few months of waiting and hoping, the price again went up to $64,000 in 2021. The value has since continued to increase, and even as we speak, the numbers are adding up. 


By now, Bitcoin’s volatility is evident. A lot of ups and downs in price are happening as many investors are gaining a lot, thanks to the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto. As of today, we are not certain of the future of Bitcoin’s value over time, but the thing we know is that it is growing and is one of the best investments we can think of.

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