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What are the Uses of Rig Mats ?

by Lalithaa

What are the Uses of Rig Mats

There are several types of the big mat available in the market. Furthermore the big Mats are used in several ways also. Here in this article we are going to describe the details about the uses of Rig Mats. Along with the uses we are also going to define other factors like handling techniques, cost estimates etc. So let’s get started:

Uses of Rig Mats:

  1. Matting uses besides drilling

,Access roads, Creek crossings, Campsites ,Completions ,Walkways ,Tank Farms ,Sensitive Soils ,Land Sale Commitments ,Preference by land owners ,Staging areas ,Helicopter pads ,Protection of subsurface structures i.e. Irrigation lines and pipeline crossings

  1. Well Site Lease Construction Options

Dirt/gravel, Dirt/geotextiles, Swamp matting, each mat must have a size of at least -8′ X 14′. Furthermore approximate weight of each mat must be around 3000 lbs. In order to join the mats one must use the interlocking system. A perfect rig mat must consist at least 3 layers of 2” X 8 “boards that are perfectly bolted together.

  1. Points of interest of Matting
  • Reduce rent measure if there are no stripping heaps required.
  • Safer activities by making level and stable work surfaces.
  • Better work assurance with cleaner activity and enhanced hard working attitude.
  • Decreased towing required, averting vehicle and apparatus harm.
  1. Nasty Weather
  • Eliminates impacts of eccentric climate, ie. downpour, snow, chinooks
  • Extending the boring season permitting working through spring break bringing about quicker generation

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  1. Natural Management
  • Solid squander taking care of – Dealing with alter cuttings, the utilization of matting decreases the all out volume being dealt with or land-filled.
  • Reduction in liquids utilized help rigs stay cleaner and lessens rig wash created.
  • Long term obligation decrease by dispensing with admixing of soils.
  • Decreases ground unsettling influence.
  • Reduces the recovery accreditation course of events.
  1. Enhancing Emergency Access
  • Decreases reaction time for spill reaction, pipeline breaks, or episodes. You are suggested to take a look upon Northern Mat & Bridge
  1. Extra Planning Requirements when utilizing Matting
  • Snow evacuation might be required however alert required as to not harm matting,
  • Contamination from spills may restrain future use.
  • Cleaning contemplations because of solidified mud and solids.
  • Extra matting might be required for covering, corners, turnarounds, pullouts, and breakage.
  • Having interior organization co-appointment required from penetrating to culminations diminishes cost.
  • Trucking alternative thought, winch trucks, super b’s, tridems.
  • How level is the establishment surface
    • Undulations can make it hard to introduce mats
    • Matting can be utilized to level a rent yet not suggested
    • Matting with increment surface quality by spreading out the load
  1. Establishment surfaces Characteristics
  • Extreme muskeg. More noteworthy than 10 feet top to bottom.
  • Moderate Muskeg. Under 10 feet top to bottom
  • Low soil solidness. Silty soils, sand, and so on…
  • Frozen surface ice maintenance.
  • Water – not suggested wellbeing and natural may turn into an issue
  1. Establishment and Handling Techniques
  • Preplan format
  • Equipment alternatives, wheel loaders with forks and hook.
  • Trac Hoe with Mat hook
  • Skid steer for composite matting
  • Proper treatment of mats will decrease upkeep costs,.
  • Frozen ground may harm sheets while expelling them.
  • Damaged mats ought to be put aside to be fixed. On the off chance that the structure uprightness of the tangle is imperiled, the tangle does not merit settling.
  • 10. Looking after Mats
  • Having a decent support program will expand the tangle life expectancy.
  • Regardless of leasing or owning you should pay for support.
  • Having one organization take care of your mats lessens support expenses and enables control to stock.
  • Using followed hardware on mats may expand upkeep costs.
  1. Things to ask when leasing or buying mats
  • What sort of tangle is best for your application; Swamp Mats, Steel mats, Laminated mats
  • Sizes and loads of matting
  • Expected administration life
  • What is the base expense
  • Volume limits accessible
  • Deliverability time span
  • FOB point
  • Matting venture history, references and pictures
  1. Cost Estimates
  • Trucking cost to area, Tridem or super B’s
  • Installation cost
  • Accumulated Rental expense
  • On-going costs, tangle development/support
  • Removal cost, pickup and trucking
  • Cleaning costs
  • Repairs and substitution


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